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Stray, the play-as-a-cat cyberpunk adventure title from BlueTwelve Studios and publishers AnnaPurna Interactive is now available. This title tasks players with navigating a mysterious city, full of interesting mysteries. To help you navigate this mysterious city and solve its mysterious we’ve put together the Stray guide and walkthrough below. In it you will find guides for the main story and also guides for side-quests and other activities.

Main Story Guides

Image showing a screenshot from the Stray game.
Screenshot from Stray.

Throughout Stray players following a main storyline. This main storyline can be completed in roughly 1.5-10 hours depending how thorough you are at completing each section of the game. The guides below split up the game into chapters as they are split up in the game. Click the links to go to the specific Stray main story chapter guide pages:

1.Inside The Wall2.Dead City3.The Flat
4.The Slums – Part 1.5. Rooftops6. The Slums – Part 2
7. Dead End.8. The Sewers.9. Antvillage.
10. Midtown.11. Jail.12. Control Room.
End Game

Once you complete Control Room you’ve beaten the game. You are able to return to Chapters you’ve completed to replay to go for collectibles like badges, sheet music, and more. If you want to get started in the main story guide head to Inside The Wall now to play the game’s tutorial.

MISC Guides

Image showing a screenshot from the Stray game.
Screenshot from Stray.

If you follow the main story guides above you will successfully complete the game. There is additional content you can explore through things like achievements and exploration. To help you with those aspects of the game see the miscellaneous guides below.

B-12 MemoriesScratch SpotsThe Slums Safe
Sheet MusicNotebooksEnergy Drinks
PonchoBroken TrackerPlants
Midtown SafeWorker’s Missing KeySecurity Cameras
Chapters ListCollectibles ListDigicodes
Scratch SpotsBadgesCat’s Best Friend
ReviewTrophies/Achievements ListPatch Notes
Morusque Songs (Video)I Am Speed full run (Video)

Hopefully you found our Stray guide and walkthrough useful for completing this game. If you found it useful be sure to share it with others who may need some assistance. Furthermore you can check out HTR’s YouTube channel for video guides along with other things like cutscenes and boss fights.

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