Stray Chapter 6 The Slums – Part 2 Guide

Upon completing Chapter 5: Rooftops you will return to The Slums. You will be inside of Momo’s flat. Back in The Slums there are a number of story things you must complete to gain access to the next chapter in Stray. To help you complete these story beats use our Stray The Slums Part 2 guide below.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 7 Minor (0 if done in Chapter 4).
  • Music Sheets: 8 (0 if done in Chapter 4).
  • Trophies/Achievements: 1.
  • This guide assumes you did everything already in Chapter 4.

Missing Momo

Walk forward into Momo’s flat and scratch the carpet for possible Territory [6/12] trophy/achievement progress (not sure how it counts since we did it in Chapter 4 already). Go over to the TV and read the note attached to it. B-12 will learn the code that opens the window. Go to the window and open it so you can go outside.

Get the Super Spirit Detergent and Trade it For the Electrical Cable

Image showing distracting Vapora so she drops the paint in Stray Chapter 6.
A distraction will cause the paint to drop.

Outside look to your left. You probably noticed two robots throwing paint to one another. Go over to the robot next to the pile of cans. When you get close you will be prompted to interact. Meow as the robot throws the can to cause it to land in the street. Because of this the store owner below will come outside.

Go down to street level and enter the now opened laundromat. At the front grab the Super Spirit Detergent. Take the detergent to Azooz (merchant to the right of the elevator) and trade it for the Electrical Cables since we need this item later.

Meet Momo at the Bar

Image showing meeting Momo at the Bar in Stray Chapter 6.
Meet Momo at the bar.

Go to the Bar and meet up with Momo. Head inside and sit on the chair when Momo signals you to. This triggers a cutscene where you meet Seamus. Seamus doesn’t believe that Doc or the other Outsiders are still alive. As the son of Doc he is especially sad because of this. Seamus will leave the Bar and you and Momo will then head to his apartment.

Find the Secret Lab in Seamus Apartment

Image showing the location of the digipad to open Doc's Secret Lab.
Use the digipad to open the secret lab.

At the apartment Seamus wont let you in. Momo then moves a metal plate out of the way so you can go through the vent. He gives you Doc’s Notebook. Show Doc’s Notebook to Seamus and he will mention a secret lab somewhere in the apartment. To find the secret lab jump onto the counter and knock the pictures off the wall. One will reveal a hint and one will reveal a keypad. Input the digicode 2511 (hour hands on the four clocks) to open the secret door.

Go into the lab and and jump onto the shelf on the left wall. Knock the box off the shelf to get at the Broken Tracker. Show the Broken Tracker to Seamus and he will tell you to find someone to fix it in The Slums.

Fix the Broken Tracker

The person who can fix the Broken Tracker is Elliot of Elliot Programming. Before going there go to Grandma’s Clothing first. Give her the Electrical Cable and she will make you a Poncho. You can rub up against Grandma a second time to unlock the Cat’s Best Friend [5/5] trophy/achievement.

Image showing Elliot in Stray Chapter 6.
Elliot working away.

Once you have the Poncho go to Elliot Programming which just down the street from Grandma’s at the corner. Scratch at the door and it will open. Head upstairs and speak to him. Give him the Poncho since he is cold and he will fix the tracker.

Head back to Seamus and show him the fixed tracker. Seamus will turn it on and will follow the signal. You will leave the apartment and will walk through The Slums. Eventually you will reach a door that Seamus opens leading to Chapter 7: Dead End.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s The Slums – Part 2 YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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