Stray Scratch Spot Locations Guide

In Stray there are a total of 12 Chapters for players to complete. In each of these chapters there is a place (or places) you can scratch to unlock the Territory trophy/achievement. To help you unlock this achievement see our Stray Scratch locations guide below for a quick guide to scratch spots in all chapters.

Chapter 1 Scratch Spot: Tree

Image showing the tree you can scratch in Stray Chapter 1.
You can scratch the tree in Chapter 1.

There is only one scratch spot in Chapter 1: Inside the Wall. After you and the cat gang go down below you will head forward. Here you will make two jumps. At the top of the second jump look left for a tree. Go up to the tree and scratch it for Territory [1/12].

Chapter 2 Scratch Spot: Rugs

Image showing the Stray Chapter 2 scratch spot location.
You can scratch the rug in the room after you smash the window.

In Chapter 2: Dead City you will need to solve a puzzle where you push a paint can onto a window below. This breaks the window, allowing you to enter inside of it to the room below. Inside this room you will find two rugs you can scratch for Territory [2/12].

Chapter 3 Scratch Spot: Rug

Image showing the Rug you can scratch in Stray Chapter 3.
You can scratch the rug in Chapter 3.

There is only one spot you can scratch in Chapter 3: The Flat. This spot is the rug inside the kitchen area. Scratch it while you walk past it to reach the computer to advance the main story. This will make for Territory [3/12].

Chapter 4 Scratch Spot: Rug

Image showing the Scratch Spot in Stray Chapter 4.
You can scratch the rug in the elevator in Chapter 4.

The level Chapter 4: The Slums feature a number of scratchable surfaces like sofas and rugs. I will just highlight the easiest one to get which is the rug inside the elevator. Immediately after you speak to the Guardian go inside and scratch the rug to claim it and advance Territory [4/12].

Chapter 5 Scratch Spot: Rug

Image showing the Stray Chapter 5 Scratch Spot location.
The scratch spot is near the start of chapter 5.

After you ride the bucket lift at the start of the Chapter 5: Rooftops you will jump onto a platform that has the rug on it. Scratch the rug so you mark your territory. This makes it Territory [5/12].

Chapter 6 Scratch Spot: Rug

Image showing the scratch spot in Stray Chapter 6.
You can scratch the rug in Momo’s flat in Chapter 6.

Note: Not sure if this counts or not since you Scratch in Chapter 4 which is The Slums, but I scratched here anyways.

When you start Chapter 6: The Slums – Part 2 if you walk straight ahead in Momo’s flat you will find a rug you can scratch. Scratch it just in case you need it for all chapters (I did when I unlocked it). This is Territory [6/12].

Chapter 7 Scratch Spot: Wall

Image showing the scratch location in Stray Chapter 7.
You can scratch the wall by the Defluxor.

Make your way through the Chapter 7: Dead End all the way until you reach Doc’s hideout. Inside the hideout on the bottom floor near the table that has the Defluxor on it you will find a wall you can scratch to reach Territory [7/12].

Chapter 8 Scratch Spot: Old Rug

Image showing the location of the Stray Chapter 8 scratch rug.
Scratch this old mat in the sewers.

As you advance through the Chapter 8: The Sewers you will reach a section where you need to hack two terminals, one on either side of a large gate. Once you open the gate the rug you can scratch is located in the following room. Look for it on your left at the top of the stairs. Scratch it for Territory [8/12].

Chapter 9 Scratch Spot: Wood Piece

Image showing the Stray Chapter 9 Antvillage scratch locations.
You can scratch this board in Antvillage.

After you collect the first memory in Chapter 9: Antvillage walk forward. Look to the right of the bunkbed with the two NPCs on it. There is a board with orange paint on it. Scratch this orange board to advance the Territory [9/12] trophy/achievement.

Chapter 10 Scratch Spot: Rug

Image showing the Chapter 10 Scratch spot in Stray.
One of the early scratch spots in Midtown.

When you enter Chapter 10: Midtown from the subway you will see a robot being chased by the police. Follow the robot. They will turn right. Instead of going right, go left and you will see an out of commission elevator. Go behind this elevator to find a rug you can scratch for Territory [10/12].

Chapter 11 Scratch Spot: Keys

Image showing the Stray Chapter 11 scratch spot.
Scratch the keys in Chapter11.

At the very end of Chapter 11: Jail you need to find something to help get you over the metal fence. There is a car nearby. Go up to the driver’s side door and you will see keys sticking in the lock. Scratch the keys to get Territory [11/12]. This has to be done to advance the story.

Chapter 12 Scratch Spot: Control Panel

Image showing scratching the control panel to get into the Control Room in Chapter 12 of Stray.

The final scratch spot you will encounter in the game is in Chapter 12: Control Room. This spot is part of the main story. To access the Control Room you need to solve a door puzzle. Call over the companion bot so it is under the panel. Send B-12 to the console and the panel opens allowing you to scratch. This is Territory [12/12].

Video Guide

If you need further help in pinpointing the exact locations mentioned above, give Hold To Reset’s Scratch Spot YouTube guide a watch. It shows you a bit more details on each of the above described collectible locations. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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