Stray Chapter 8 The Sewers Guide

At the end of Chapter 7: Dead End you ride a boat guided by Momo to The Sewers. This starts the next chapter in the game called Chapter 8: The Sewers. There are a few achievements and collectibles for players to unlock and find in this chapter. Use our Stray The Sewers guide to complete find everything in this chapter.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 2 Minor.
  • Trophies/Achievements: 1.
  • IMPORTANT: If you want to unlock the Pacifist trophy/achievement do not kill any zurks in this chapter. You can die and it doesn’t effect your progress, so keep this in mind.

Making Your Way through The Sewers

Image showing how to get through the gate in Stray Chapter 8 The Sewer.
Jump right and then through the gate to get past it.

At the end of Chapter 7: Dead End jump on the boat with Momo. You will then go through the tunnel and will ride forward for a bit. Eventually you will reach a gate blocking your path. Facing the gate jump right and then jump through the bars between the gates to the other-side.

Open the Gate for Momo

On the other-side walk to the end of the pipe and jump to the ledge on your right. Jump up the onto the barrels there and then jump up to the pipe. Walk left along the pipe and jump to the catwalk. Walk to the end of the catwalk where there is gap. Drop down the gap to the ground below.

Image showing the lever you need to pull for the open the gate in Stray Chapter 8.
Pull this lever to open the gate.

Across from where you dropped down you will see some zurk eggs and a lever. Walk over to the lever and pull it. The zurks will jump out of the eggs when you do. Dodge them (or kill them with the Defluxor if not going for the Pacifist trophy/achievement). As you are dodging or killing Momo will bring the boat through. Jump onto the boat to continue further into The Sewers.

Splitting with Momo and Going Deeper into The Sewers

You and Momo will ride a while until you reach a large gate. A cutscene will trigger where you and Momo get off the boat. Momo tries to use the console to open the gate but it doesn’t work. Instead he manually opens it. He can only open it enough for Stray to fit under it. Jump onto the barrels and use them to go under the gate when prompted.

Walk forward in this tunnel and jump up onto the catwalk. Go left on the catwalk into the next room. Take a right in this room and walk forward down the hallway. You will see zurk eggs on the wall. When you walk down the hallway the eggs will open and zurks will appear. Defeat them or run past them. You will reach a section where you can go straight or left. Go left.

Memory Collectible #13

In this left hallway there is a pipe in the left side. Jump up through to this pipe and go through it. At the end of the pipe jump to the railing to find the Memory Collectible #13 [15/27]. Return through the pipe to the hallway and head straight where we turned left to continue through the level.

Image showing the Stray Chapter 8 lever.
Pull this lever to open the gate.

Run down the hallway and jump to the catwalk at the end. Go down the stairs. At the bottom of the catwalk jump to the pipes. Use the pipes to cross the room. At the end you will reach another vent. Jump into the vent to reach a large room with a bunch of zurk eggs in it. Go through this room to the center of it. Here you will find a lever to pull. Pull it to open the large doors nearby.

When you pull the lever a bunch of zurks will pop out of the eggs. Run through the gate you opened and follow the path leading to the door at the end. Go through the door into the next room. In the next room you will see walls with eyes on them. Run through this large room avoiding the zurks. Go through the door at the end and jump down to the pipe below.

Memory Collectible #14

Head left on the pipe to the dead end. Jump to the pipe on your left. Climb the trash up to the vent. Go through the vent into the room. In this room you will find Memory Collectible #14 [16/27] inside of this room. Collect it then return to the pipe we drop down onto at the beginning and head the opposite way. On the left side of the pipe you will see a large vent. Jump into the and walk forward to reach a large room.

Open the Gate

Image showing raising the gate in Stray Chapter 8 The Sewers.
Activate both consoles then cross under the gate using the barrel.

This room is large and full of zurk eggs. On the far side of the room you will find a large gate. On both the right and left sides of the gate are consoles. To open the gate you need to use both of these consoles. This means going along the right side of the room to reach the console and going along the left side of the room to reach the left console.

When you trigger one of the consoles zurks will spawn in making your journey to the other side more difficult. Once both of the consoles have been activated the gate will open. Use the barrel to cross under it so you can reach the next area.

Image showing the location of the Stray Chapter 8 scratch rug.
Scratch this old mat in the sewers.

Inside the next room walk up the stairs. At the top of the stairs look to your left. Here you will rug that you can scratch for Territory [8/12]. Scratch it then continue heading forward through the level. The end is near.

Chase Sequence

This chapter ends with a chase sequence. To trigger the sequence walk forward towards the large eye in the center of the big room. This will trigger a cutscene where B-12 will save Stray, but will drain his battery. Stray will grab B-12 and the chase will begin. Complete the chase by avoiding the zurks as they appear along your path.

At the end of the chase you will go through the gate and will unlock the Pacifist trophy/achievement. You then enter a room with a fan. Nudge B-12 to bring him back to life. Hack the ventilation system then jump up to it when the fan stops. Walk forward through the tunnel and go through the hole in the fence to start Chapter 9: Antvillage.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s The Sewers YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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