Stray Trophies/Achievements Are Online Ahead of Launch

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Stray, the upcoming play-as-a-cat cyberpunk action adventure title, is only a few days away from release (July 19) and the game’s trophies/achievements have now hit the internet. There are a total of 24 (25 with platinum) trophy/achievement unlocks for players to earn in the game. Let’s take a closer look at the Stray trophies and achievements below.

In Stray players take on the role of a stray cat in a mysterious cybercity where they must untangle an ancient mystery to escape. This title comes from developers BlueTwelve Studios and publishers AnnaPurna Interactive.

Stray Trophies/Achievements List

While players explore the ancient city they can unlock a total of 24 achievements on Steam and 25 Trophies on PlayStation 4/5 (including the Platinum). Trophies/achievements available are [via Exophase]:

All DoneUnlock all trophies.
A Little ChattyMeow 100 times.
Cat-a-PultJump 500 times.
Productive DaySleep for more than one hour.
Boom Chat KalakaDunk the basketball.
Can’t Cat-ch MeComplete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught.
Sneakitty. Go through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.
No More LivesDie 9 times.
ScratchScratch the vinyl in the club.
PacifistComplete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.
I am SpeedComplete the game in less than 2 hours.
Missed JumpFall inside the city.
Not AloneMeet B-12.
Cat Got Your Tongue?Have B-12 translate a robot.
CatwalkReach Midtown.
Al-Cat-RazGo to jail.
Eye OpenerComplete the game and open the city.
MeowlodyBring all the music sheets to Morusque.
Curiosity Killed the CatWear the paper bag.
Cat-a-stropheTry to play mahjong with the robots.
Cat’s best friendNuzzle up against 5 robots.
I Remember!Gather all B-12 memories.
Télé à chatBrowse through all of the TV channels.
BadgesCollect all badges.
TerritoryScratch in every chapter.

Overall there is a nice collection of things to do in the game. As a basketball fan I am drawn to the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy/achievement since it a) is a callback to NBA Jam and b) tasks you with dunking a basketball… as a cat.

MORE: Check out the Stray day one patch notes ahead of release.

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