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Upon reaching the end of The Sewers in Chapter 8 of Stray you will arrive in the Antvillage. This location is home to Zbaltazar, an Outsider. Antvillage has a few collectibles to find and a badge you can collect while advancing the main story. Use our Stray Antvillage guide below to find all collectibles.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 1 Major; 1 Minor.
  • Trophies/Achievements: 1.

B-12 Main Memory #3

Image showing the Stray Chapter 9 Main Memory 3 in Antvillage.
You will automatically snag Main Memory 3.

There is only one way into the Antvillage which is by crossing the bridge. When you reach about half-way across the bridge a cutscene will trigger. You and B-12 will walk across the bridge. On the other-side you will collect B-12 Main Memory #3 [17/27].

Meeting Zbaltazar (But Grabbing a Few Things First)

Go up the ladder to left of the memory to head to an upper level in Antvillage. In this next area you will see two NPCs playing Mahjong. Jump onto the table to knock over the pieces to get the Cat-a-strophe trophy/achievement. Opposite this table you will find a board leaning up against the wall beside the bunkbed. Scratch this board for Territory [9/12].

Memory Collectible #15

Image showing the Stray Chapter 9 Memory 15 collectible.
Memory 15.

From the bunkbed walk around the corner into the next area. You will be in an area with a tv and ladder going up. Turn to the right of the ladder and look at the wall. Here you will find the Memory Collectible #15 [18/27]. Collect it.

Go up the ladder next to the memory. Keep heading up and you will eventually reach Zbaltazar. You will trigger a cutscene and Zbaltazar will give you the Clementine’s Picture item. He then tells you how to reach Midtown which is access by reaching the very top of Antvillage. You can do this now, or collect three flowers to unlock a badge.

Red Plant Location

Make your way back down Antvillage to the very bottom where there are two robots playing Mahjong. Past them to the edge of the platform they are on and you will find a bucket elevator leading down. Go down the elevator and cross the pipes to reach two robots. Near where the robots are you will find the Red Plant. Pick it to add it to your inventory.

Purple Plant Location

Head past the Mahjong players and the robots in the bunk bed and you will find a tree to your left. Walk out on this tree and you will reach the Purple Plant. Pick it to add it to your inventory.

Yellow Plant Location

Go up to where Zbaltazar is meditating and head past him. Walk along the path so you reach the restaurant area. Go to the very end of this area and jump onto the pipe. Walk along the pipe to the end to reach the Yellow Plant. Pick it to add it to your inventory.

Deliver Plants to Malo

Image showing the Plant Badge in Stray.
Receiving the Plant Badge.

Once you’ve collected all of the plants listed above it’s time to deliver them. The NPC you want to speak to is Malo, who is located at the top of Antvillage above Zbaltazar. Speak to Malo and give the plants to receive the Plant Badge.

Once you’ve gathered the Plant Badge head to the top of Antvillage. At the top of Antvillage climb up the pipes until you reach a large pipe heading to a hole. Go up the pipe to the hole to reach Chapter 10: Midtown.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s Antvillage YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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