Stray Badges Guide: How to Get Each One in The Game

In Stray there are a variety of collectibles for players to collect. These collectibles are typically hidden in the world, but some are earned by completing specific tasks. One of the collectibles you earn mainly through completing tasks are the Badge. Learn more about the Stray badges in our guide below.

Music Badge (Chapters 4/6 or 7: The Slums)

Featured image on Stray Sheet Music collectibles locations guide showing the Music Badge.
The Music Badge.

The Music Badge is earned by collecting and delivering a different collectible. This collectible set is located in The Slums in Chapters 4/6 or the end of Chapter 7. The collectibles you need to find are 8x Sheet Music scattered throughout The Slums. Find all eight of the Sheet Music collectibles and deliver them to Morusque. He will play music from them each time you deliver one to him. Upon delivering the eighth sheet he gives you the Music Badge.

Outsider Badge (Chapter 7: Dead End)

Image showing the Outsider Badge in Stray?
The Outsider Badge.

In Chapter 7: Dead End you head into the Dead City to look for Doc. Before heading out Seamus, Doc’s son, will give you the Outsider Badge to show to Doc when you find him. This occurs automatically as part of the story.

Plant Badge (Chapter 9: Antvillage)

Image showing the Plant Badge in Stray.
The Plant Badge.

At the top of Antvillage you will meet an NPC looking for three flowers: Red, Purple, and Yellow. Find all three of these plants and give them to the NPC. Your reward for completing this side quest is the Plant Badge.

Cat Badge (Chapter 10: Midtown)

Image showing where to find the Stray Cat Badge.
The Cat Badge.

Right after you enter Midtown following the police arrest look for a store on your right. There is an angry customer named Paoudre standing there who says the merchant is a crook. Ignore him and jump into the shop. Go to the back of the shop and you will find shelves with a safe on it. Jump up to the safe and input the code 8542 to get the Cat Badge.

Police Badge (Chapter 10: Midtown)

Image showing the Police Badge in Stray.
The Police Badge.

Make your way to the center of Midtown where there is the large holographic robot. When you are at this location go between the police station and the clothing store into the alleyway. Jump up the ac units along the wall on the right. Eventually you will reach a barred window you can jump into. On dead robot in prison cell is the Police Badge.

Neco Badge (Chapter 10: Midtown)

Image showing the Neco Badge in Stray.
The Neco Badge.

Advance through the main story of Chapter 10 until you enter the Factory. Inside the Factory there is a worker who lost his keys. Find the keys in the Factory and return them to him. He will give you the Neco Badge for finding the lost keys.

This post is part of our larger Stray guide and walkthrough. Check out the hub page to find all available guides for this game’s main story, side quests, and collectibles.

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