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In Stray once you reach Chapter 4: The Slums – Part 1 you gain access to a location called The Slums. This location is home to a number of interesting NPC characters including a musician named Morusque. Morusque tasks you with finding 8 Sheet Music collectibles hidden around The Slums. Our Stray Sheet Music locations guide below will show you where to find them all.

Sheet Music Collectibles Details

  • Will disappear from you inventory between chapters. So be sure to give them to Morusque before you advance.
  • Can be found in either Chapter 4, Chapter 6, or the end of Chapter 7.
  • Each time you give Sheet Music to Morusque he plays a song.
  • 8 Total to find.

Sheet Music 1: Petite Valse

Image showing the location of Stray Sheet Music 1 in Momo's Apartment.
The Sheet Music 1 location.

The first Sheet Music is located inside Momo’s flat (you have to go here to advance the story). Inside the house there is a storage room you can enter. Go inside this room and climb up the boxes. On top of the boxes you will find Sheet Music 1. Give Sheet Music 1 to Morusque and he will play the song titled Petite Valse.

Sheet Music 2: Ballad of the Lonely Robot

Image showing the location of Stray Sheet Music 2 outside Clementine's apartment.
Sheet Music 2 location.

The second piece of music, Sheet Music 2, can be found on your way to Clementine’s flat. To reach her house you must cross a pipe. To the right of this pipe is a balcony you can jump onto. On this balcony, on a table, is Sheet Music 2. Snag it then deliver it to Morusque and he will play the song called Ballad of the Lonely Robot. You may also want to grab Sheet Music 6 right now.

Sheet Music 6: Cool Down

Image showing the Stray Sheet Music 1 location in Clementine's Apartment.
Sheet Music 6 location.

To advance the main story you need to find notebooks in different people’s apartments. One person’s flat you visit is Clementine’s (it is the apartment next to where you found Sheet Music 2). Inside her apartment you will find the Sheet Music 6 at the foot of her bed on a bookshelf. Take it to Morusque and he will play Cool Down.

Sheet Music 3: Untitled

Image showing the location of Stray Sheet Music 3 inside of Elliot's Programming.
Sheet Music 3 location.

In The Slums there is a store called Elliot Programming. This store is just down the street from Grandma’s Clothing. You go there during Chapter 6, but can visit it during Chapter 4. Simply scratch on the door and it will be opened for you. Go inside and snag the Sheet Music 3 from off of the painting on the floor level. Give to Morusque and he will play the song titled Untitled.

Sheet Music 4: The Way You Compute Tonight

Image showing Sheet Music 4 in Stray Chapter 4.
Music Sheet 4 for sale at the merchant.

Sheet Music 4 can be purchased from the vendor Azooz to the right of the elevator. It requires having 1x Energy Drink available to spend. You can get an Energy Drink out of the machine on the wall opposite where Morusque is located. Give it to Morusque and he will play the song titled The Way You Compute Tonight.

Sheet Music 5: Tomorrows

Image showing Sheet Music 5 in Stray Chapter 4.
Sheet Music 5 location in the Bar.

The Sheet Music 5 collectible is located in the Bar in The Slums. Go upstairs and go to the middle booth along the wall. Jump up onto the table and you will find the music sheet lying there. Pick it up and take it to Morusque so he will play the song called Tomorrows.

Sheet Music 7: Mildly Important Information

Image showing the location of Sheet Music 7 in Doc's Apartment.
Sheet Music 7 location.

In Doc’s flat in the center of the library there is a piano. On the piano is Sheet Music 7. Pick up the music sheet and take it to Morusque. He will play the song titled Mildly Important Information when you do.

Sheet Music 8: Unreadable Sheet Music

In The Slums make your way to the elevator (where you met the Guardian). Facing the elevator turn left and walk along the street past the musician named Morusque. On your left there is an alleyway. Go down this alleyway and you will find the safe with a stick not attached to it. Pick up the sticky note and show it to B-12 to learn the following:

“It’s written “follows the numbers” but it looks like a binary language, a succession of 0 and 1s.”

Overall it’s not the most helpful of hints and you will see why below. Now’s the time to actually find the digicode somewhere in The Slums. Thankfully it is nearby.

Where to Find The Slums Safe’s Mysterious Password

Leave the alleyway and head back down to the elevator. Turn right and head down the stairs. Directly ahead of you at the bottom of the stairs is a red signed building with its door open. This is The Slums bar. Go into the bar and jump up onto the bar itself. Walk over to the picture on the wall and interact with it. This makes it fall revealing the numbers 1283.

Image showing the Music Sheet 8 in The Slums safe in Stray.
Inside The Slums safe is the Sheet Music 8.

Note these numbers and head back to the safe in the alleyway. Input the digicode 1238 and the safe will open. Inside the safe is Sheet Music 8. Give the Sheet Music 8 to Morusque and he will play the song titled Unreadable Sheet Music.

Deliver Sheet Music to Morusque

Once you’ve collected and delivered all of the above mentioned Sheet Music collectibles to Morusque you will earn the Music Badge from him along with the Meowlody trophy/achievement. The badge you receive is needed to unlock the Badges trophy/achievement.

Video Guide

If you need further help in pinpointing the exact locations mentioned above, give Hold To Reset’s Sheet Music YouTube guide a watch. It shows you a bit more details on each of the above described collectible locations. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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