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The fourth chapter in Stray is The Slums. This chapter introduces players to a sort of hub area in the game. You return to this area multiple times while advancing through the main story. The Slums is full of collectibles and trophies/achievements for players to unlock. For help in doing this see our The Slums Part 1 guide for Stray below.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 7 Minor.
  • Music Sheets: 8.
  • Trophies/Achievements: 4.
  • I highly recommend you watch the video guide at the bottom of the page to see everything found and unlocked if you are having troubles following my writing.

Meet The Guardian and Ask For Directions

Image showing meeting the Guardian in Chapter 4 The Slums Part 1 of Stray.
The Guardian of The Slums.

The first section of this chapter sees you arrive in The Slums. As you walk forward you will scare one of the robots who will sound the alarm, forcing The Slums into lockdown. Follow the linear path forward until you encounter an NPC called The Guardian. This guard assess your threat level and deems you not a threat. He speaks a different language so B-12 will translate for you unlocking the Cat Got Your Tongue? Trophy/Achievement.

After the town alarm has stopped, other robots will come out. You are then able to freely speak to The Guardian and other NPCs in the area. For now talk to The Guardian and show him the Postcard. He will point you in the direction of Momo, who lives in the upper part of The Slums. This is the main story thread to follow. You can rub up against the Guardian for progress in the Cat’s Best Friend [1/5] trophy/achievement. Also go into the elevator and scratch the rug there progress the Territory [4/12] trophy/achievement.

You will return to The Slums a few times as you advance through the main storyline. Because of this there is a fair bit to do. Not everything has to be done the first time here and some of it is completely optional (with many things being collectibles). With that said I would recommend doing everything this first time here. Here’s what you should do.

Unlock Trophies/Achievements (Optional)

The elevator, where you meet The Guardian, is a good central location to use for going in different directions in The Slums. There are a few achievements you can unlock near this location if that’s your thing. They are:

  • Boom Chat Kalaka – Dunk the basketball to the right of the elevator by pushing it into the garbage can on the ground below.
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat – Put on the paper bag next to the NPC named Morusque (down the street to the left when facing the elevator).
  • Cat’s Best Friend [4/5] – There are three other robots you can rub against in The Slums: Grandma, and the two by the burn barrel fire.

I linked YouTube videos for both trophies/achievements so you can see exactly what I mean. Both trophies/achievements are super easy to unlock at this point so I recommend just getting them over and done with now.

Once both trophies/achievements are unlocked your next step should be to grab Energy Drinks so you can purchase collectibles from the merchant named Azooz. There are 4x Energy Drinks you can get for purchasing collectibles. This is Optional as well.

Energy Drink Location 1: By Morusque

Image showing the first energy drink in The Slums.
Location of the first energy drink.

Face the elevator and go done the road heading to the left. Here you will find a musician NPC named Morusque. On the wall opposite of this NPC you will find the vending machine. Interact with the machine and 1x Energy Drink will pop out for you to collect.

Energy Drink Location 2: Balcony Near Grandma’s Clothing

Make your way to Grandma’s Clothing. At the corner there jump up onto the ac unit and up to the roof. Head along the jump along the roof and pipes so you are heading right from Grandma’s. Around the next corner you will find the balcony with the vending machine on it. Jump onto the balcony and interact with the machine to get 1x Energy Drink.

Energy Drink Location 3: Alley Next to RIP Humans Memory

Image showing the location of the third energy drink in Stray.
Location of the third energy drink.

Drop down from the balcony in location 2 to the street below and go up the stairs. Go left at the top of these stairs. Take your next left and walk down the street to the very end. On your left next to the RIP Humans B-12 Memory you will find the vending machine. Interact with it to get 1x Energy Drink. Grab Memory #5 [2/27] while you are here.

Energy Drink Location 4: Upper Slums Beneath Roof with TV

Image showing the location of the fourth energy drink in Stray.
Location of the fourth energy drink.

Make your way to the upper section of The Slums (the rooftops). Here head towards Doc’s flat. Just outside of Doc’s flat is a rooftop that has a TV on it. Drop down to the lower roof here to find the vending machine. Push the buttons to get 1x Energy Drink.

What to Do With Energy Drinks

Image showing Sheet Music 4 in Stray Chapter 4.
Music Sheet 4 for sale at the merchant Azooz.

If you don’t know what to do with Energy Drinks when you find them I will help you out. Energy Drinks are given to the NPC named Azooz who is located to the right of the elevator. Azooz is a merchant that sells three items for purchase (two of which require Energy Drinks):

  • Sheet Music 4 – 1x Energy Drink.
  • B-12 Memory #2 – 3x Energy Drinks.

If you want to get all trophies/achievements in the game you will need to acquire both of these items. Getting all 4x Energy Drinks listed above allows you to do just that. Purchase the Sheet Music 4 and the Memory #2 [3/27].

Find all 8 Sheet Music to get the Music Badge (Optional)

Once you have one of the sheet music it makes sense to pursue the other 7x if you are wanting to unlock everything in the game. The process here is fairly simple, find Sheet Music and give it to Morusque. He will then play a song for you. Find them all and he will give a reward to you.

Sheet Music 1: Petite Valse

Image showing the location of Stray Sheet Music 1 in Momo's Apartment.
Sheet Music 1 location.

The first Sheet Music is located inside Momo’s flat (you have to go here to advance the story). Inside the house there is a storage room you can enter. Go inside this room and climb up the boxes. On top of the boxes you will find Sheet Music 1. Give Sheet Music 1 to Morusque and he will play the song titled Petite Valse.

Sheet Music 2: Ballad of the Lonely Robot

Image showing the location of Stray Sheet Music 2 outside Clementine's apartment.
Sheet Music 2 location.

The second piece of music, Sheet Music 2, can be found on your way to Clementine’s flat. To reach her house you must cross a pipe. To the right of this pipe is a balcony you can jump onto. On this balcony, on a table, is Sheet Music 2. Snag it then deliver it to Morusque and he will play the song called Ballad of the Lonely Robot. You may also want to grab Sheet Music 6 right now.

Sheet Music 6: Cool Down

Image showing the Stray Sheet Music 1 location in Clementine's Apartment.
Sheet Music 6 location.

To advance the main story you need to find notebooks in different people’s apartments. One person’s flat you visit is Clementine’s (it is the apartment next to where you found Sheet Music 2). Inside her apartment you will find the Sheet Music 6 at the foot of her bed on a bookshelf. Take it to Morusque and he will play Cool Down.

Sheet Music 3: Untitled

Image showing the location of Stray Sheet Music 3 inside of Elliot's Programming.
Sheet Music 3 location.

In The Slums there is a store called Elliot Programming. This store is just down the street from Grandma’s Clothing. You go there during Chapter 6, but can visit it during Chapter 4. Simply scratch on the door and it will be opened for you. Go inside and snag the Sheet Music 3 from off of the painting on the floor level. Give to Morusque and he will play the song titled Untitled.

Sheet Music 5: Tomorrows

Image showing Sheet Music 5 in Stray Chapter 4.
Sheet Music 5 location in the Bar.

The Sheet Music 5 collectible is located in the Bar in The Slums. Go upstairs and go to the middle booth along the wall. Jump up onto the table and you will find the music sheet lying there. Pick it up and take it to Morusque so he will play the song called Tomorrows.

Sheet Music 7: Mildly Important Information

Image showing the location of Sheet Music 7 in Doc's Apartment.
Sheet Music 7 location.

In Doc’s flat in the center of the library there is a piano. On the piano is Sheet Music 7. Pick up the music sheet and take it to Morusque. He will play the song titled Mildly Important Information when you do.

Sheet Music 8: Unreadable Sheet Music

In The Slums make your way to the elevator (where you met the Guardian). Facing the elevator turn left and walk along the street past the musician named Morusque. On your left there is an alleyway. Go down this alleyway and you will find the safe with a stick not attached to it. Pick up the sticky note and show it to B-12 to learn the following:

“It’s written “follows the numbers” but it looks like a binary language, a succession of 0 and 1s.”

Overall it’s not the most helpful of hints and you will see why below. Now’s the time to actually find the digicode somewhere in The Slums. Thankfully it is nearby.

Where to Find The Slums Safe’s Mysterious Password

Leave the alleyway and head back down to the elevator. Turn right and head down the stairs. Directly ahead of you at the bottom of the stairs is a red signed building with its door open. This is The Slums bar. Go into the bar and jump up onto the bar itself. Walk over to the picture on the wall and interact with it. This makes it fall revealing the numbers 1283.

Image showing the Music Sheet 8 in The Slums safe in Stray.
Inside The Slums safe is the Sheet Music 8.

Note these numbers and head back to the safe in the alleyway. Input the digicode 1238 and the safe will open. Inside the safe is Sheet Music 8. Give the Sheet Music 8 to Morusque and he will play the song titled Unreadable Sheet Music.

Deliver Sheet Music to Morusque and get Reward

Image showing the Music Badge in Stray.
The Music Badge.

Once you’ve collected and delivered all of the above mentioned Sheet Music collectibles to Morusque you will earn the Music Badge from him along with the Meowlody trophy/achievement. The badge you receive is needed to unlock the Badges trophy/achievement.

Find all of the B-12 Memories (Optional)

Image showing Memory 4 in Chapter 4 The Slums of Stray.
Memory 4 in Momo’s Flat.

We’ve already acquired two of the memories in this level: one by the vending machine and the other by purchasing one from Azooz. There are five more for us to find. I’m going to go fairly rapid fire with these since most are rather easy to find. If you need assistance watch our B-12 Memories video for help.

  1. Face Morusque. Go in the alleway to the left of him. Climb up to the ledge to reach Memory #6 [4/27].
  2. Stand on the stairs leading up to the elevator. Turn right so you are facing the building. Climb the building. Reach the very top roof of the building and go behind the sign to find Memory #1 [5/27].
  3. Go into the bar. Go upstairs. At the top of the stairs on your left is Memory #3 [6/27].
  4. Just down the street from Grandma’s Clothing is a closed door you can scratch with a sign for Elliot Programming. Scratch the door and go inside when it opens. Head upstairs and look at the plant to snag Memory #7 [7/27]. You have to go here in Chapter 6.
  5. In Momo’s Flat go into the bedroom. Read the game poster on the wall to snag Memory #4 [8/27].

Once you find a memory it is permanent for the playthrough. If you miss any and want to comeback you will need to replay the chapter again from the chapter selection screen.

Find the 3 Notebooks

Go to Momo and show Momo the picture to receive the Momo Notebook. You then need to find 3 more Notebooks in the flats of Doc, Clementine, and Zbaltazar. When you leave Momo’s flat through the window B-12 will speak to you. There are three symbols on three apartments in the upper area of The Slums. These symbols are for the three flats you want to visit. Finding the notebooks is fairly simple.

  1. Zbaltazar (Left when facing away from Momo’s): On the roof pull the ventilation power supply. Go through the vent into the flat. Jump onto the stack of boxes next to the door. Inside is Zbaltazar’s Notebook. Leave by pulling down the curtain blocking the window.
  2. Clementine (Straight when facing away from Momo’s): Easiest of the bunch. Go to furthest room in the flat to find Clementine’s Notebook next to the computer.
  3. Doc (Right when facing away from Momo’s): Go to the back right corner to find a living area. On the bed is a note and Keys to Doc’s safe. Head into the library. The safe is hidden behind books in the first row you encounter after leaving the bedroom. Jump on then off the books to move them out of the way. Grab Doc’s Notebook.

Once you have all of the notebooks listed above you will need to go back to Momo. Show him all three of his friends notebooks to convince him to help you. He will then open his window allowing you to access the next chapter, Chapter 5: Rooftops.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s The Slums – Part 1 YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

This post is part of our larger Stray guide and walkthrough. Check out the hub page to find all available guides for this game’s main story, side quests, and collectibles.

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