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In Stray‘s The Slums (Chapter 4, 6, and end of Chapter 8) there is a currency player can collect in the form of Energy Drinks. This currency is collected from vending machines located throughout the area. To help you find all 4x Energy Drinks see our Stray Energy drinks locations guide below.

Energy Drink Location 1: By Morusque

Face the elevator and go done the road heading to the left. Here you will find a musician NPC named Morusque. On the wall opposite of this NPC you will find the vending machine. Interact with the machine and 1x Energy Drink will pop out for you to collect.

Energy Drink Location 2: Balcony Near Grandma’s Clothing

Make your way to Grandma’s Clothing. At the corner there jump up onto the ac unit and up to the roof. Head along the jump along the roof and pipes so you are heading right from Grandma’s. Around the next corner you will find the balcony with the vending machine on it. Jump onto the balcony and interact with the machine to get 1x Energy Drink.

Energy Drink Location 3: Alley Next to RIP Humans Memory

Image showing the location of the third energy drink in Stray.
Location of the third energy drink.

Drop down from the balcony in location 2 to the street below and go up the stairs. Go left at the top of these stairs. Take your next left and walk down the street to the very end. On your left next to the RIP Humans B-12 Memory you will find the vending machine. Interact with it to get 1x Energy Drink.

Energy Drink Location 4: Upper Slums Beneath Roof with TV

Image showing the location of the fourth energy drink in Stray.
Location of the fourth energy drink.

Make your way to the upper section of The Slums (the rooftops). Here head towards Doc’s flat. Just outside of Doc’s flat is a rooftop that has a TV on it. Drop down to the lower roof here to find the vending machine. Push the buttons to get 1x Energy Drink.

What to Do With Energy Drinks

Image showing Sheet Music 4 in Stray Chapter 4.
Music Sheet 4 for sale at the merchant Azooz.

If you don’t know what to do with Energy Drinks when you find them I will help you out. Energy Drinks are given to the NPC named Azooz who is located to the right of the elevator. Azooz is a merchant that sells three items for purchase (two of which require Energy Drinks):

  • Sheet Music 4 – 1x Energy Drink.
  • B-12 Memory 2 – 3x Energy Drinks.

If you want to get all trophies/achievements in the game you will need to acquire both of these items. Getting all 4x Energy Drinks listed above allows you to do just that.

Video Guide

If you need further help in pinpointing the exact locations mentioned above, give Hold To Reset’s Energy Drink YouTube guide a watch. It shows you a bit more details on each of the above described collectible locations. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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