Stray Chapter 5 Rooftops Guide

Upon convincing Momo to help you in The Slums in Stray you will begin a new chapter called Chapter 5: Rooftops. This chapter is much shorter than the slums and fairly linear in fashion to complete. To help you get through this section with all of the collectibles see our Stray Rooftops guide below.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 1 Main; 2 Minor.
  • Trophies/Achievements: 1.

Reaching the Antenna

Image showing the Stray Chapter 5 Scratch Spot.
Where to scratch in Chapter 5.

For the majority of this chapter you will be making your way across different rooftops to reach the antenna. To start make your way over to the bucket and ride it across. Jump up the ac unit to reach the ledge above. Scratch the rug here to progress the Territory [5/12] trophy/achievement.

Once you’ve done that drop down to the area below. Go right up the stairs to be prompted to meow to attract enemies. To do this section meow so the Zurks on the right side start chasing you. Go down the stairs and head across the beams. Jump up and run through the now clear path on the right. Jump up the crate to the scaffolding. Go up the wall and jump to the graffiti covered wall to your right.

Image showing how to complete the beam part in Stray Chapter 5.
If you meow at the end of the beam the zurks come running.

In this next section you will see a hanging beam. Run and jump onto the beam. Stand at the far end and meow. Wait for zurks to come running. Once the coast is clear run along the beam and jump to the other side. Jump up onto the ac unit and up to the ledge above.

Memory Collectible #9

Image showing the Stray Chapter 5 Memory 8 location.
This neon sign is memory 8.

Walk along the left path until you reach the end. Jump onto the pipe then up to the ac unit. Jump to the ledge above. Walk forward until you reach the neon sign. Interact with it to collect Memory #8 [9/27].

Turn around and walk back to the ledge. You should see a beam jutting out of the wall that you can jump to. When you land on it swings out. This allows you to reach the roof. Wait on the roof for the beam to swing fully out. Jump down onto it to reach the ledge with the barrel.

Simple barrel puzzle here. Simply get in the barrel and roll it to the right so you can reach the swinging beam above. Jump to the swinging beam and wait for it to swing out so you can jump to the suspended iron girder. Walk across the girder and jump to the platform on the other side.

Image showing the zurk cage puzzle in Stray Chapter 5.
Trigger the console then jump across the gap on the left.

Jump up onto ac units so you jump to the beam across the gap. On the other side you will see a control panel and a sort of cage. This is a bit of a puzzle. To solve it first trigger the door. Once you’ve done meow so the Zurks run into the cage. Use the control panel to open the cage. Run and jump to the left of the cage to reach the other. You basically traded places with the Zurks.

On the other side is a barrel. Get into the barrel and roll it to the left so you are under the scaffolding. Climb up onto the barrel and jump up to the scaffolding then onto the nearby crane.

Enter the Skyscraper

Image showing how to enter the skyscraper in Stray Chapter 5.
Push the long board off the scaffolding on the right side of the screen.

Walk to the very end of the crane and jump to the crates. Drop off the crates and jump onto the scaffolding with the large board leaning against it. Walk across the board to reach the half open vent leading into the building.

Inside the building climb up to the ledge above using the nearby crates. Climb the crates on the left then jump up to the scaffolding. Walk along the plank to gain access to the fence other side of the fence.

The next two sections basically have you dodging zurks while you race through rooms with various debris in them. The first room is on the other side of the fence. You need to reach the scaffolding in the far right corner. If you are fast enough you can run along the stacked pipes fairly easily.

The next section is the same thing. The scaffolding in the far right corner is where you need to get. You can drop off the scaffolding, meow, and then jump onto the stacked wood in the middle of the room. Run along it then jump to the scaffolding above.

Memory Collectible #10

Image showing the location of Stray Chapter 5 Memory 9.
The location of Memory 9.

Continue heading upwards to reach the next floor. Walk along this next floor past the cage with the zurks inside. Instead head to the far end of the room to find Memory #9 [10/27] which is the Neco Corp sign.

Image showing how to lure the zurks up the ramp to trap them in Stray Chapter 5.
Lure the zurks up the ramp to trap them.

Head back to the cage with the zurks inside of it. Trigger the console the cage opens and the zurks start chasing you. Run back to the ramp you and go over it to the section below. Run and jump onto the red crate then up to the scaffolding so you can enter the cage where the zurks were.

Get in the barrel and roll it out of the cage area so it is under the steel beam. Jump up to the steel beam then jump to the next one. Use that beam to reach the next floor. On this next floor you will see three paths. Meow so the zurks take one of them then choose a different one. Run around the corner and jump on the red box then up to the scaffolding.


Image showing the elevator section in Stray Chapter 5.

The final floor before the elevator is a survival section. There is a lever you need to pull to call the elevator. When you do this zurks appear. You need to run around until the elevator arrives. Once it does jump off the crates near it to land inside. Use the console inside the elevator to go up. You are safe in here so don’t worry.

Once the elevator reaches the top jump onto the wooden stool and use that to jump to the top of it so you can get out. Walk forward and place the Transceiver in the slot underneath the antenna. A cutscene will automatically play and you will collect Major Memory #2 [11/27]. Ride the bucket lift when prompted to return back to The Slums and Chapter 6.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s Rooftops YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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