Stray Chapter 7 Dead End Guide

Seamus opens a door in Chapter 6: The Slums Part 2 that leads you back out into the Dead City. Here Stray must search for Doc who is still alive somewhere out here. Before parting ways Seamus gives you the Outsider Badge. Once you have the badge you will venture into the Dead City. Use our Stray Dead End guide below to complete Chapter 7.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 3 Minor.
  • Trophies/Achievements: 0.

Memory Collectible #10

Image showing the location of the Stray Chapter 7 Memory 10.
Memory #10 location.

Walk forward until you reach the T intersection. Turn left and walk to the very end. You will see a gate that has been closed. Interact with the gate to collect Memory #10 [12/27]. Make your way back to the T and head straight.

Chase Sequences

The next two sections are simply chase sequences. When you drop down the ledge after seeing the level title to the ground below you will begin them. There are no collectibles or achievements in this section so simply complete both chases.

About 3/4 of the way through the path appears blocked and zurks will come out of a hole in the ground. Run up the stairs above to bait them up there then go through the open hole. Continue forward to the end and jump up on the dumpster then up onto the wall to reach the next section.

Not much to explain here. Use the beams to work your way forward across the pipes. On the other side jump down onto the shopping cart to go for a little ride. At the end of the ride you will go flying into the air before hitting the ground.

You will take a few moments after the fall to recover. Once you’ve recovered walk straight until you reach a pile of garbage/barrels. Use this to climb up to the pipes above. Jump to the board then jump across to the ledge.

Memory Collectible #11

Walk forward until you reach a branching path. Here you can go left or straight. To reach the collectible go straight. Go under the fence and you will reach a dock. Walk to the edge of the dock to find the Memory #11 [13/27] collectible by interacting with the fishing robot. Return to the branching path and go left.

Finding Doc and the Defluxor

Image showing the location of Stray Chapter 7 Memory 12.
Memory 12.

In this next area you will see a house in the distance. Go to this house. Head to the backside of it and enter through the window. Make your way to the lower floor to find Doc. You will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene walk over to the mannequin and interact with it to collect Memory #12 [14/27].

The next step in this chapter is to find away to escape. From the mannequin turn to the right. You will see study/workshop area. Go into this area. Scratch the wall to grab Territory [7/12]. Jump up onto the nearby desk and interact with the Defluxor on the table (looks like a big flashlight). Interact with it to trigger a cutscene.

Powering the Defluxor

Image showing placing the fuse in the generator in Stray Chapter 7.
When you place the fuse zurks appear.

The problem with the Defluxor is that is lacks the juice needed to escape. Doc is unable to get the generator started, but you are. Doc will walk upstairs and explain what you need to do. He then gives you a Fuse and opens the window. Jump out the window and follow the cables to the generator. Put the Fuse into the generator.

When you put the fuse into the generator zurks appear. Doc will use the Defluxor to kill them. Try to stay in the light it provides. Head back to the house and go inside via the back window. Doc is very pleased and will attach the Defluxor to B-12 for you to control. You and Doc will then leave the house.

Getting Back to The Slums

Image showing rolling the barrel to reach the vent in Stray Chapter 7.
Roll the barrel under the vent.

Outside use the Defluxor on the zurks standing by the fence. Once they are cleared Doc will open the gate. Follow him across the bridge to the next area with the closed shutter. Doc can’t get it opened so you need to help him. To the right of the shutter is two barrels. Roll the first one out of the way then roll the second one all the way left so you are under the vent. Jump to the vent and go through it.

Once you are through the vent you will be inside a room. Walk forward and pull the lever. Head out the door and turn right. Clear the zurks that attack and head towards the shutter. It will open and Doc will be getting attacked. Defeat the zurks then clear the zurks that spawn while Doc closes the shutter.

From here follow Doc through the building. He will open a door. Walk through the door and a cutscene will trigger where you return to The Slums. After this cutscene clean up any loose ends you might have in The Slums. When ready to move onto the next level follow the path leading left of the elevator until you reach the dock. Get on the boat with Momo to go to Chapter 8: The Sewers.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s Dead End YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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