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Upon following down into the Dead City during Stray‘s Chapter 1: Inside The Wall you will start the second chapter in the game. This second chapter, called Dead City, tasks you with traveling through the Dead City to reach The Flat at the end. To help you navigate this chapter use our Stray Dead City guide below.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 0.
  • Trophies/Achievements: 1.

Getting Through the Dead City

Once you go through the door shown in the cutscene you will emerge in the Dead City. This area has been shut off to everyone due to the Zurks infestation. Your goal for this area is to make your way through it to reach The Flat. One thing you will notice in this area is that the illuminated signs feature arrows or tips showing you the direction you need to head. So pay attention to the signs!

Image showing how to get over the fence at the start of Stray Chapter 2 Dead City.
Use the dumpster and roof to get over the fence.

From the door head forward until you reach the fence. Jump on top of the dumpster and then up to the roof above to get to the other side of the fence. Drop down to the pathway below. Continue walking forward until you reach stairs going down and into toxic sludge.

To cross the toxic sludge use the pallets and barrels. Make your way to the building where the letters spell H EL P . Jump along the pipes running right on this building then go through the hole in the fence so you can follow the path going to the left. Follow the path forward and jump through the hole in the wall. You then arrive in a room with the first puzzle in the game.

How to Solve the Fan Puzzle 1

The fan puzzle is the first major puzzle you need to solve in Stray. This puzzle is fairly simple, but not well explained. To solve the puzzle you need to pick up a bucket from the lower floor and drop it into the fan on the ledge. This stops the fan, allowing you to go through the hole. The buckets are located on the right side of the room when you first enter. Pick one up, then climb up the pipes on the left side of the room to reach the fan. At the fan drop the bucket so it rolls down to it. This stops the fan. Go through the fan hole into the next area.

How to Solve the Paint Can Puzzle

Image showing how to solve the Paint Can puzzle in Stray Chapter 2 Dead City.
Break the window below with the paint can to access the area below.

The next area features a ton of paint cans. To solve the puzzle in this area you need to push the can on the far ledge so it breaks the window below. Make your way over to the paint can on the far ledge, push it off the edge, and then go through the window in the building below.

Rugs You Can Scratch

Image showing the two rugs you can scratch in Chapter 2 of Stray.
You can scratch either of these rugs.

After you drop down into the room below you will land on the floor. There are two rugs here you can scratch. If you are pursuing all trophies/achievements you will want to scratch one of them. This will add to your Territory [2/12] trophy/achievement.

Meeting a Robot

Image showing the meeting with the Robot in Chapter 2 Dead City of Stray.
A dead robot.

Once you’ve done this exit the room by following the arrows on the TVs and then jump into the bucket elevator to ride down to the street below. Walk forward until you reach a large open area with a robot on the ground. Approach the robot and a cutscene will play. Once the cutscene is done go forward and interact with it and it will die.

Jump onto the dumpster behind the robot and up onto the roof above. Walk down along the path until you reach the ledge at the end. Jump off the ledge to trigger a cutscene followed by a pursuit sequence.

Zurk Pursuit

Cutscene before the first Zurk pursuit in Chapter 2 Dead City.
The first Zurk pursuit.

IMPORTANT: Possible trophy/achievement unlock here is Can’t Cat-ch Me. Unlock it by completing this first Zurk pursuit without being caught.

Upon jumping off the ledge you will trigger a cutscene. This cutscene sees Stray surrounded by Zurks. Following the cutscene there is a pursuit sequence. During this sequence you must run and avoid getting caught. Follow the sign marked path until you reach the end where you jump into the apartment building.

The pursuit itself is fairly easy to do, but unlocking the achievement is hard. If you do get caught simple restart the checkpoint and try again. Here’s a video of me completing the trophy/achievement unlock. It is fairly hard to complete because the Zurk jumps are rather RNG based.


Once you’ve made the jump into the apartment you are safe. The next section is completing a bit of platforming. Inside of the apartment head right and go up the stairs to reach outside.

Image showing a pushable wooden platform in Stray Chapter 2 Dead City.
You can push wood like this.

On the outside balcony area look for a yellow air conditioning unit on the wall. Jump to this unit then up to the roof above. Jump along the rooftops, ac units, and ledges to reach the rooftop shown in the screenshot above. On this rooftop is a board leaning. Interact with the board to knock it over. This makes a path over to the next roof.

Cross the board to reach the roof with the basketball net (not the one needed for the trophy/achievement). Follow the illuminated sign to the right to find an open window you can jump to. Jump up to this window and enter the laundry room. Walk through the laundry room to reach another part of the roof. Here you will find a puzzle.

How to solve the Barrell Puzzle

Image showing the solution to the barrel puzzle in Stray Chapter 2 Dead City.
Roll the barrel to this location to use it as a platform.

Super simple puzzle here. There is a barrel lying on its side. Stray can get in the barrel and roll it left or right. Roll it left so it is underneath the roof (as shown above). Exit the barrel and jump on top of it to reach the roof above. Jump from the roof to the hanging steel beam. Cross the beam over to the next roof.

Forward! Part 2

Jump down this roof and head towards the $ sign. You will walk on some scaffolding. There is a board at the end of it you need to jump to. When you jump to the board you fall to the scaffolding below. Jump to the scaffolding above then walk over to the hanging beam. Jump over to the beam and use it to jump to the illuminated sign. Jump from the illuminated sign to the roof then scaffolding.

Image showing how to reach the large pushable wooden beam in Chapter 2.
Push this large beam over to make a path.

On this scaffolding there is a large wooden plank we need to push over. Jump onto the air conditioning unit then up to the scaffolding above. Push the large plank over then jump down to it and use it to cross to the scaffolding on the other side.

Head forward until you reach an apartment area. Use either the right or left side to reach the far end of the complex where there is an open section. Once in this section go to the left side while facing back into the apartment area and jump to the ac unit there. Use it to reach the roof then jump up to the higher section next to the illuminated arrow. Go through the door on the right and follow the path to the room with a fan.

How to Solve the Fan Puzzle 2

Image showing how to solve the second fan puzzle in Stray Chapter 2 Dead City.
Pull the plug on the fan to stop it.

Inside this room you will find a spinning fan we need to stop. Unlike the first one there is no bucket here to use. Instead we need to remove its power source. To do this head into turn to the left of the fan and walk to the corner of the room. Here you will find the power source. Remove it and the fan will stop rotating.

Jump up to the fan and walk through it to reach the next chapter in Stray called Chapter 3: The Flat. This chapter features a puzzle a major puzzle to solve, a companion to free, and a collectible to collect.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s Dead City YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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