Pet Simulator 99 Lucky Tiles Event Explained

Rave World building exterior in the Tech Spawn area.

The Pet Simulator 99 Lucky Tiles Event was added to the popular Roblox experience in Update 19. This limited time event featured a new world to explore, new eggs to hatch, new pets to unlock, and chances at some new Huge Pets. To learn more about this event see the full Pet Simulator 99 Lucky Tiles Event explainer below.

How to Start the Lucky Tiles Event

The Lucky Tiles Event occurs in Rave World. Access this special world by entering the rave building in any of the Spawn Areas (#1, #100, and Void World hub). Look for the sign outside the building that says Lucky Tiles Event—it’s hard to miss.

Once inside Rave World, you’ll need to put in some effort. There are seven areas in this world. The final area, Area 7: Disco Stage, is where the Lucky Tiles Event takes place. Before accessing this area, you have to unlock each preceding area by completing the quests at each unlock gate then paying the coins to unlock the gate.

What to Do in the Lucky Tiles Event

Once you reach Area 7: Disco Stage, you can join the Lucky Tiles Event. It’s easy and fun! In the middle of the area, there’s a big dance floor with 80 multicolored tiles. To join the event, just wait until the round is complete and then step onto any tile you want.

Look at the wall to see a progress bar. You and the other players need to destroy 500 breakables together. When you reach this goal, the tiles will randomly roll through various rewards until they land on one. The reward that appears on the tile you’re standing on is the one you get!

Following each roll, there is a brief 30-second cooldown before you can start breaking tiles again to earn more rewards. This cycle repeats all day, making it easy for players to AFK farm the event.

Any Ways to Increase Lucky Tile Chances?

Wondering how to get better rewards on the Lucky Tiles? Good news! As of Update 20, you can!

Before this update, you could use two items to boost your luck: the Ultra Lucky Tile Boost and the Lucky Tile Boost.

Now, there’s something even cooler: the Rave Upgrades! Use these to improve your chances of getting awesome rewards in the event.

Rave Upgrades Explained

In the Lucky Tile Event area players can now find a special Rave Upgrades machine. This machine can be used to purchase upgrades using Rave Tickets. These upgrades impact the following:

  • Huge Chance
  • Ticket Chance
  • Diamonds
  • Double Items Chance
  • Egg Luck
  • Damage
  • Enchant Upgrade Chance
  • Potion Upgrade Chance

All of these upgrades apply only to the Lucky Tile Event and there are 4 different levels for each upgrade. Each time you purchase a level in one of the upgrades the next level costs more tickets.

You Can Auto Hatch the Egg While Participating in the Event

In the middle of the dance floor, there’s an egg waiting to hatch. This special egg offers a chance to hatch various event-specific pets, including a Huge Pet and an Active Huge Pet.

To hatch this egg during the event, enable Auto Hatch and begin the process. You can stand anywhere on the dance floor, but stepping off will take you out of range.

What Rewards You Can Get From the Lucky Tiles Event

Reward from tile during Lucky Tiles Event.
Once you’ve destroyed enough breakables you will receive a reward from the tile you stand on.

This event offers a great opportunity to earn a wide variety of items and rewards. The prize pool is extensive and includes limited-time rewards such as a new Huge Pet, Booth, and Hoverboard. For a detailed list, please see below:

  • Huge UV Kitsune
  • Rave Gift
  • Ultra Lucky Tile Boost
  • Lucky Tile Boost
  • Rave Booth
  • Rave Hoverboard
  • Potions
  • Enchants
  • Keys
  • Bundles
  • Gift Bags and Chests

The rarest reward you can get is the Huge UV Kitsune. There is only one of these that appears on the dance floor each completed round. It can come in either Normal, Golden, or extremely rarely Rainbow.

While obtaining the extremely rare rewards can be challenging, this event is excellent for farming items overall. Each round is short and provides fairly decent items that you can either use or sell in the Trading Plaza.

Global Lucky Tile Event Details

While joining this event is a great way to get items easily, it gets even better with the Global Event happening alongside it. From July 6-13, the Lucky Tile Event is ongoing. During this time, players are encouraged to join Lucky Tile Shuffles, which are essentially the rounds of the event.

There are 25 levels you can complete, and each rank earns you various rewards. Upon reaching the final 25th level, you’ll receive a Global Event Gift. After completing all levels, they reset and can be unlocked again. This allows you to farm additional items alongside those you receive during the Lucky Tiles Event.

You can track your progress on the Global Lucky Tile Event by pushing the Global Events icon on the left-side of your screen. It is the party popper icon.

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