Pet Simulator 99 Locked Chests and How to Open Them

Pet Simulator 99 artwork.

Pet Simulator 99 Locked Chests are special chests located in each of the game’s worlds. These chests cannot be broken in typical fashion, by using your pets, but instead require you to open them using special keys. To learn more about the Locked Chests in Pet Simulator 99, continue reading our guide below.

Where to Find the Locked Chests in Pet Simulator 99

Players can currently open three Locked Chests in Pet Simulator 99. These chests are located in specific Areas of World 1, World 2, and World 3. The locations for these chests are as follows:

  • Crystal Chest: Located inside the Castle in Area #3 of World 1. You can open and enter the Castle after doing the first Rebirth located in Area #25: Tiki.
  • Tech Chest: Located in Area 100: Tech Spawn of World 2. This Area is accessible so long as you’ve reached Tech World. You can do this by completing World 1 and using the Rocket to fly to World 2.
  • Void Chest: Located in the hub area of Void World. This area becomes available to the player after completing World 2 and entering the Void to reach World 3.

I anticipate the developers will add more Locked Chests to the game as they introduce new Worlds. Currently, it seems they’re incorporating a new Locked Chest at the beginning of each World.

How to Open Locked Chests in Pet Simulator 99

Opening the Tech Chest in Pet Simulator 99.
When you have a key you can open the chest.

Locked chests in the game require players to use special keys to open them, instead of using pets to destroy them. The Crystal Chest needs a Crystal Key, Tech Chest requires a Tech Key, and the Void Chest requires a Void Key. There are a number of methods you can use to get yourself chest keys:

  • Get Key Pieces: Upper and Lower Key Pieces come from various sources such as activities that drop items, purchases in the Trading Plaza, or trades with other players. Combine both pieces in your inventory to create a complete key.
  • Get Full Keys: Full keys can also be obtained in the same way as the key pieces. Additionally you can get some Full Keys from rank rewards.

Once you have a full Crystal or Tech Key simply visit the associated Locked Chest and stand in the circle and interact with it. You will be prompted to spend your key opening. Select Yes to open the chest and receive your rewards.

What Are the Rewards in Locked Chests in Pet Simulator 99

Each time you open a Locked Chest you receive 6 reward items and XP towards your Key Mastery. Rewards that are given by the Locked Chests vary in rarity and value. To see the exact chances of each item in the chest you can stand in front of it. A bubble will appear above it containing its loot table and chance.

The two major rewards players will want to get are the chest-specific Huge Pets. The Crystal Chest offers players a very low chance of obtaining the Huge Wizard Westie, while the Tech Chest provides a low chance of obtaining the Huge Cyber Agony.

Have you won anything interesting from the Pet Simulator 99 Locked Chests? Let me know in the comments below.



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