Pet Simulator 99 Areas List and What’s In Them

The first few areas in Pet Simulator 99 shown on a map.

Pet Simulator 99 mixes things up bit by introducing areas to the game. These areas serve as the experience’s biomes and feature breakables and sometimes other helpful things. To keep track of each area and what’s inside it we’ve put together this complete Pet Simulator 99 areas list. In this list you will find every area, its name, and anything it contains that is useful.

Note: After your second rebirth, you gain the ability to Teleport to Areas, Worlds, and the Trading Plaza instantly. This makes traveling much easier, eliminating the need for extensive backtracking.

World 1: Home Areas & The Stuff in Them

In Pet Simulator 99, your starting World is the Home World, consisting of 99 Areas to explore. Many of this World’s Areas offers free items/diamonds, merchants, mini-games, shortcuts, and and other useful services. Check the table below for details on what’s in each Area of World 1.

#Area NameWhat’s In It
1Spawn– Eggs

Plaza which contains

– The Index
– Mailbox
– Social Rewards
– VIP Diamond room
– Group Rewards
Pet Box (to claim pets from PSX)
2Colorful Forest– Move Faster upgrade
– Shortcut to Area #9
3Castle– Magnet upgrade
– Free Diamonds 1

Castle, accessible after first Rebirth, contains

– Spinny Wheel
Crystal Chest
– Trading Plaza entrance
– Huge-A-Tron machine
4Green Forest– Pets Equipped machine
– Diamond upgrade
5Autumn– Classic Obby (Surge Active)
6Cherry Blossom– Move faster upgrade
– Potions vending machine
7Farm– Shortcut to Area #14
8Backyard– Tap Damage upgrade
– Egg Hatch machine
9Misty Falls– Basic Enchants vending machine
– Shortcut to Area #2
10Mine– Diamonds upgrade
– Gold Pets machine
11Crystal Caverns– Minefield
– Auto Farm (Robux purchase)
12Dead Forest– Pet Speed upgrade
– Shortcut to Area #19
13Dark Forest– Upgrade Potions machine
14Mushroom Field– Magnet upgrade
– Fruits vending machine
– Shortcut to Area #7
15Enchanted ForestSecret Door #1: Tree
16Crimson Forest– Drops upgrade
– Upgrade Enchants machine
– Shortcut to Area #24
17Jungle– Free Potions chest 1
18Jungle Temple– Pet Damage
– Jungle Obby
19Oasis– Merchant
20Beach– Diamonds upgrade
– Daycare
– Boss Chest
21Coral Reef– Free Enchants chest 1
22Shipwreck– Luck upgrade
– Auto Tapper (Robux purchase)
– Shortcut to Area #30
23Atlantis– Atlantis
24Palm Beach– Magnet upgrade
– Free Items chest 1
– Shortcut to Area #16
25Tiki– Rebirth Shrine 1
26Pirate Cove– Coins upgrade
– Fruits II vending machine
– Shortcut to Area #35 (Preston’s Shop)
27Pirate CavernFishing
28Shanty Town– Tap Damage upgrade
– Fuse Pets machine
29Desert Village– Daily Quests chest
30Fossil Digsite– Pet Speed upgrade
– Digsite
– Shortcut to Area #22
31Desert Pyramids– Pyramid Obby
– Rainbow Pets machine
32Red Desert– Free Diamonds 2
33Wild West– Diamonds upgrade
– Shortcut to Area #40
Secret Door #2: General Store
34Grand CanyonsNothing
35Safari– Potions II vending machine
– Shortcut to Area #26 (Preston’s Shop)
36Mountains– Pet Damage upgrade
37Snow Village– Lucky Eggs (Robux purchase)
– Shortcut to Area #44
38Icy Peaks– Ice Obby
39Ice Rink– Advanced Merchant
40Ski Town– Coin upgrade
– Sled Race (At top of the ski lift)
– Shortcut to Area #33
41Hot Springs– Nothing
42Fire and Ice– Better Enchants vending machine
44Obsidian Cave– Drops upgrade
– Comet Shower machine
– Shortcut to Area #37
45Lava Forest– Chest Rush
46Underworld– Boss Chest
47Underworld Bridge– Magnet upgrade
– Rare Potions vending machine
48Underworld Castle– Nothing
49Metal Dojo– Luck upgrade
50Fire Dojo– Rebirth Shrine 2
51Samurai Village– Rare Enchants vending machine
– Pet Damage upgrade
52Bamboo ForestUpgrade Fruits machine
53Zen Garden– Tap Damage upgrade
54Flower Field– Garden Merchant
55Fairytale Meadows– Nothing
56Fairytale Castle– Create a Clan Ticket (Robux Purchase)
– My Clan banner
– Pet Speed upgrade
– Locked Door
57Royal Kingdom– Top clan banner
58Fairy Castle– Luck upgrade
Secret Door #3: Castle
59Cozy Village– Nothing
60Rainbow River– Coins upgrade
– 3 Day Quests chest
61Colorful Mines– Cart Ride into Preston
62Colorful Mountains– Nothing
63Frost Mountains– Snow Merchant
– Magnet upgrade
64Ice Sculptures– OP Potions vending machine
65Snowman Town– Nothing
66Ice Castle– Diamonds upgrade
67Polar Express– Nothing
68Firefly Cold Forest– Drops Upgrade
69Golden Road– Shortcut to Area #77
70No Path Forest– Boss Chest
71Ancient Ruins– Nothing
72Runic Alter– Dealer Merchant
73Wizard Tower– Nothing
74Witch Marsh– Tap Damage upgrade
75Haunted Forest– Rebirth Shrine 3
76Haunted Graveyard– The Index
77Haunted Mansion– Magic Machine
– Luck upgrade
– Shortcut to Area #69
78Dungeon Entrance– Free Diamonds 3
79Dungeon– Advanced Digsite
80Treasure Dungeon– Magnet Upgrade
81Empyrean Dungeon– Nothing
82Mythic Dungeon– Nothing
83Cotton Candy Forest– Free Potions chest 2
84Gummy Forest– Coins Upgrade
85Chocolate Waterfall– Nothing
86Sweets– Nothing
87Toys and Blocks– Lucky Blocks
88Carnival– Free Enchants chest 2
– Pet Speed upgrade
89Theme Park– Nothing
90Clouds– Free Items chest 2
91Cloud Garden– Nothing
92Cloud Forest– Advanced Fishing
93Cloud Houses– Pet Damage upgrade
94Cloud Palace– Nothing
95Heaven Gates– Boss Chest
96Heaven– Nothing
97Heaven Golden Castle– Nothing
98Colorful Clouds– Diamonds Upgrade
99Rainbow Road– Rebirth Shrine 4
– Rocket to Tech world

After you’ve rebirthed a fourth time (at Rebirth Shrine 4) and made your way back to Area #99: Rainbow Road you can then use the Rocket. This Rocket, when used, blasts off and takes players to World 2, which is called Tech World.

World 2: Tech Areas & The Stuff in Them

Added in the Tech World Update (released on February 24), players can now access World 2: Tech after their fourth rebirth by using the Rocket in Rainbow Road.

This second world offers its own unique set of 99 Areas for exploration. These areas feature their own styles and machines and services. To learn more check the table below for details on each area and any services and things in them.

#Area NameWhat’s In It
100Tech Spawn– Eggs
– Tap Damage upgrade

Plaza which contains

– The Index
– Mailbox
– Social Rewards
– Gold Machine
– Rainbow Machine
– VIP Diamond room
– Group Rewards
Tech Chest
– Tech Spiny Wheel (Requires Ticket)
– Supercomputer (Access Machines)
101Futuristic City– Free Diamonds 4
102Hologram Forest– Warp Portal to Area #121
103Robot Farm– Nothing
104Bit Stream– Nothing
105Neon Mine– Hoverboard Obby
106Mushroom Lab– Warp Portal to Area #116
107Virtual Garden– Nothing
108Date Tree Farm– Random Potions vending machine
– Luck upgrade
109Tech Jungle– Diamond Wheel
110Lava Jungle– Nothing
111Oasis Ruins– Weekly Quests chest
112Future Beach– Nothing
113Tech Reef– Free Potions chest 3
114Robo Pirates– Nothing
115Cyber Cove– Random Enchants vending machine
– Drops upgrade
116Runic Desert– Warp Portal to Area #106
117Charged Pyramids– Nothing
118Fallout Desert– Nothing
119Tech Wild West– Nothing
120Cuboid Canyon– Item Creator machine
– Boss Chest
121Frozen Mountains– Warp Portal to Area #102
122Frostbyte Forest– Free Enchants chest 3
123Forcefield Mine– Diamond upgrade
124Cyber Base CampChest Raid
125Frosted City– Rebirth Shrine 5
126Cracked Iceberg– Potions IV vending machine
– Warp Portal to Area 102
127Melted River– Nothing
128Nexus– Ultimate XP player upgrade
– Warp portal to Area 142
129Secure Coast– Nothing
130Nuclear Forest– Free Items chest 3
131Radiation Mine– Nothing
132Exploded Reactor– Nothing
133Spaceship Dock– Nothing
134Rocky Planet– Pet Speed player upgrade
135Lunar Planet– Free Diamonds 5
136Mars Planet– Nothing
137Saturn Planet– Nothing
138Comet Planet– Enchants IV vending machine
139Galaxy Port– Nothing
140Electric Garden– Adventurer Store
141Mutated Forest– Coins player upgrade
142Neon City– Tech Bundle I vending machine
– Warp Portal to Area #128
143Arcade Town– Claw Machine
144Robot Factory– Nothing
145Egg Incubator– Boss Chest
– Exclusives Daycare Machine
– Warp Portal to Area #158
146Hi-Tech Hive– Free Potions chest 4
147Spore Garden– Nothing
148UFO Forest– Pet Damage player upgrade
149Alien Lab– Nothing
150Alien Mothership– Rebirth Shrine 6
151Space Forge– Nothing
152Space Factory– Nothing
153Space Junkyard– Warp Portal to Area #166
154Steampunk Alley– Nothing
155Steampunk Town– Tech Enchant Vending Machine IV
156Steampunk Clockwork– Forge Machine
157Steampunk Airship– Free Items chest 4
158Circuit Board– Warp Portal to Area #145
159Mothership Circuit Board– Treasure Hideout
– Luck Upgrade
160Wizard Ruins– Nothing
161Wizard Forest– Nothing
162Wizard Tech Forest– Enchant Empowering
163Wizard Tech Tower– Nothing
164Wizard Dungeon– Nothing
165Cyberpunk Undercity– Tech Potion Vending Machine IV
166Cyberpunk Industrial– XP Potion Machine
– Warp Portal to Area #153
167Cyberpunk City– Warp Portal to Area #178
168Cyberpunk Road– Tap Damage upgrade
169Tech Ninja Kyoto– Nothing
170Tech Samurai– Boss Chest
171Tech Ninja Village– Nothing
172Tech Ninja City– Free Enchants chest 4
173Dominus Dungeon– Nothing
174Dominus Vault– Nothing
175Dominus Lair– Rebirth Shrine 7
176Holographic Powerplant– Nothing
177Holographic City– Area Surge
178Holographic Forest– Warp Portal to Area #167
179Holographic Mine– Warp Portal to Area #188
180Dark Tech Cove– Tech Bundle Vending Machine I
181Dark Tech Ruins– Drops upgrade
182Dark Tech Castle– Nothing
183Dark Tech Dungeon– Nothing
184Dark Tech Forest– Nothing
185Hacker Powerplant– Free Potions chest 5
186Hacker Compound– Nothing
187Hacker Base– Nothing
188Hacker Error– Hacker Obby (Surge Active)
– Warp Portal to Area #179
189Glitch Forest– Ultimate XP upgrade
190Glitch City– Fruit Vending Machine III
191Glitch Skyscrapers– Nothing
192Glitch Town– Nothing
193Glitch Quantum– Nothing
194Quantum Forest– Nothing
195Quantum Space Base– Boss Chest
– Free Diamonds 6
196Quantum Galaxy– Nothing
197Void Atomic– Nothing
198Void Fracture– Diamonds upgrade
199Void Spiral– Rebirth 8 Shrine

After you’ve rebirthed an eighth time (at Rebirth Shrine 8) and made your way back to Area #199: Void Spiral you can then use the Void. This Void, when used, teleports the players to World 3, which is called Void World.

World 3: Void

Added in the Prison Update (released on May 18), players can now access World 3: Void after their eighth rebirth by using the Void in Void Spiral. The Void is a Hub location that features all of the various amenities you would expect. Here you will find:

  • The Index
  • Mailbox
  • Gold Pets Machine
  • Supercomputer
  • Rainbow Pets
  • Void Spinny Wheel
  • Void Chest

Alongside these services players can use cannons around the Void to visit smaller worlds. There is currently only one world to visit called Prison World.

Prison World Areas & The Stuff in Them

Prison World works slightly different than previous worlds. It is way smaller and features 4 Eggs. It also mixes up how the area unlock works. Players need to collect coins and also complete specific quests before they can advance to the next area.

#Area NameWhat’s In It
200Prison Tower– Eggs
201Prison Blocks– 8 cells you can open using Prison Keys
202Prison Cafeteria– Warp Portal to Area #121
203Prison Yard– Coin upgrade
Prison P (key combine)
204Police HQ– OP Potions vending machine
Bank Heist
– Entrance to Police HQ

Obby World Areas & The Stuff in Them

Obby World is another world that is accessible through a cannon in the Void. It was added to the game during Summer Obby World Update on June 1, 2024.

This world is a collection of islands (the areas) that are attached by obbys. You need to navigate the obbys to find eggs and other things like free items.

#Area NameWhat’s In It
205Beach Islands– Eggs
– Portals to other islands
Seashell Machine
206Ocean Island– Eggs
– Free Items gift
207Tiki Island– Eggs
Tiki Egg Hunt
208Jungle Island– Eggs
– Jungle Boss Fight
– Rare Enchants vending machine
209Volcano Island– Eggs

Hacker World Areas & The Stuff in Them

Hacker World is another world that is accessible through a cannon in the Void. It was added to the game during Hacker World Update on June 8, 2024.

This world is a hub and spoke design. There is a center hub with spokes running to four different areas that the player can visit.

#Area NameWhat’s In It
210Hacker Matrix– Egg
– Hacker Chest
– Cannon back to The Void
Virus Event
211Hacker Fortress– Egg
212Hacker Cave– Egg
– Free Potions chest 6
213Hacker Lab– Egg
– Luck upgrade
209Hacker Mainframe– Egg
– Bundles Vending Machine I

That’s every Area currently available in Pet Simulator 99. The game has switched to weekly updates now (from an update every two weeks). Each incoming update should add more to the experience including new Areas. When new Areas are added I update this list with their details.

Thoughts on our Pet Simulator 99 Areas list and what’s inside them guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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