Pet Simulator 99 Upgrade Fruits Machine Guide

The location of the Upgrade Fruits Machine in Pet Simulator 99.

In the Pet Simulator 99 Update 1 developers BIG Games added a number of new areas for players to explore. These new areas feature the standard destroyables but also some interesting new additions. One new addition is the adding of the Upgrade Fruits machine. This machine allows you to make Legendary Rainbow Fruits on demand. To learn more about it here’s our complete Pet Simulator 99 Upgrade Fruits Machine guide.

Where is the Upgrade Fruits Machine in Pet Simulator 99

To use the Upgrade Fruits Machine you first need to locate it. Thankfully for us, it is easy to find. To reach the machine make your way to Area #52: Bamboo Forest. In this area the Upgrade Fruits Machine is located on the deck just outside the houses. It looks like a large blender and says “Combine into Rainbow Fruit.” To use the machine simply walk and stand in the glowing ring beside it.

How to Use the Upgrade Fruits Machine in Pet Simulator 99

Once you’ve reached the machine you will probably want to use it. Using the machine works similar to other types of machines in the experience. Stand in the golden ring beside it and a menu will appear. This menu shows all of the fruit you currently have in your inventory.

To convert the fruit you have into Rainbow Fruit you need to put in 20x Fruit into the machine. These fruit can all be the same or different types to reach the 20 mark. Once you input 20 Fruit simply push the OK! button to make the Rainbow Fruit.

What Does the Legendary Rainbow Fruit do in Pet Simulator 99

The Rainbow Fruit is a special consumable players can eat in Pet Simulator 99. When this consumable is used players receive all 4 bonuses from the fruits currently in the experience. The fruit bonuses are:

  • Banana: +5% coin boost
  • Apple: +1.5% damage boost
  • Orange: +1% diamond boost
  • Pineapple: Increases drop chances by 1%

So eating one of the Rainbow Fruit gives you all four buffs listed above. You can stack Rainbow Fruit like you would with the other fruit, meaning you can have them constantly active.

Whether or not using the Pet Simulator 99 Upgrade Fruits Machine is worth the trouble is largely up to you. If you have a lot of fruit it may be wise to convert some to Rainbow Fruit for convenience sake.

Thoughts on our Pet Simulator 99 Upgrade Fruits Machine guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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