Pet Simulator 99 Virus Event Explained

The Event Boss Chest during the Virus Event.

The Pet Simulator 99 Virus Event is a special event that was released in Update 16. This event features a boss chest to destroy and the new Virus Eggs to hatch, which contains various new pets and the chance at a Huge Pet. To learn more about the event see our Pet Simulator 99 Virus Event guide below.

Where is the Virus Event

The Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99 takes place in Hacker World, specifically in Area 210: Hacker Matrix. To participate in this event, players need to have progressed through the game to reach the Void, which is the third world in the game.

Within the Void, players will find a cannon that allows them to travel to Hacker World. Once in Hacker World, the first area players encounter is Hacker Matrix, where the Virus Event is held. This area serves as the starting point for participating in the event.

How to Complete the Virus Event

Portals leading to the islands during the Virus Event.
The portals are in the four corners of Area 210.

When you arrive in Hacker Matrix, you can start the event immediately. This area features four purple portals located at the four corners, each leading to different small islands surrounding the main area. These islands may contain a Boss Chest for you to fight.

To save time, look past each portal to check if a Boss Chest is present on the island before entering. If you spot a Boss Chest, use the portal to travel to that island. On the island destroy the six floating UFOs providing a shield to the Boss Chest. After taking down the UFOs, you can proceed to destroy the Boss Chest which makes the Virus Egg appear.

Virus Egg Details & Pet Chances

The Virus Egg during the Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99.
The Virus Egg appears for 10 minutes and can give higher Huge hatch chances.

When you defeat the Boss Chest, a Virus Egg appears and remains for 10 minutes. This egg is particularly valuable because it can offer up to 100x higher chances of hatching a Huge Pet, significantly boosting your likelihood of obtaining rare and powerful pets.

The Virus Egg has a chance to hatch the following pets:

  • Hacked Computer (100%)
  • Hacked Skeleton (???)
  • Masked Fox (???)
  • Matrix Monkey (???)
  • Virus Griffin (???)
  • Huge Virus Griffin (???)

To increase your odds while hatching from the Virus Egg, use enchants such as Lucky Eggs, Huge Hunter, and Shiny Hunter for a better yield of pets. Additionally, you can enhance your chances by utilizing Golden Eggs and Charged Eggs, and by applying Lucky Potions. These boosts will significantly improve your odds of obtaining higher-quality and rarer pets.

Once the 10 minutes are up the Virus Event restarts. You will need to return to Area 210 and look for the new Boss Chest spawn island. Upon finding it you can repeat the process to hatch more eggs.

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