Pet Simulator 99 Police HQ

Entrance to the Police HQ in Pet Simulator 99.

The Pet Simulator 99 Police HQ is a special building players can find at the end of Police World. This building houses a special egg and also a special Boss Chest players can farm for coins. To learn everything you need to know about this building, see our complete Pet Simulator 99 Police HQ guide below.

How to Get to Police HQ

The Police HQ building is located in Prison World at the end of Area 204: Prison HQ, near the Bank Heist mini-game. In this area look for the building with a large police badge above its entrance.

Before you can enter, you need to collect 100 Bars of the Police World currency. You can gather this currency by farming in Area 204. Once you have enough coins, interact with the Police HQ door to spend your currency and permanently unlock the building.

What’s in the Police HQ

Inside the Police HQ in Pet Simulator 99.
The inside of the Police HQ.

Inside the Police HQ there are two major things of interest: the Police Boss Chest and the Police Egg.

The Police Boss Chest is a challenging chest to destroy, but it rewards you with Prison World Currency and other items.

You can earn up to 2k coin bars from this boss chest, which is the maximum amount of currency you can have in Prison World.

The Police Egg is a hatch-able egg that costs 45k per egg to hatch. This is the best egg in Police World and gives you the chance to hatch the following pets:

  • Prison Cow (99.5%)
  • Prison Axolotl (0.26%)
  • Guard Corgi (??)
  • Police Dog (??)
  • Police Cat (??)
  • Huge Police Cat (??)
  • Active Huges (???)

From a strategy perspective the best approach to this area is to use auto-farm on the Boss Chest and then AFK hatch the Police Egg. Doing this with a strong enough team allows you to AFK hatch as long as you wish.

How to Trigger a Key Surge in Police HQ

There is a special activity players can trigger while in the Police HQ. This activity is the Prison Key Surge. To trigger this activity players need to destroy a total of 5 Police Boss Chests in a row. Upon doing this, which fills the meter on the wall, a Key Surge will trigger. For the next 10 minutes Prison Keys drop 50% more often when you destroy a breakable.

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