How to Get Prison Keys in Pet Simulator 99

A Prison Key drop from destroying breakables in Pet Simulator 99's Prison World.

In Prison World in Pet Simulator 99 there are locked prison cells player can open using Prison Keys. Inside these cells are chests that contain items and a chance at receiving a Huge Prison Cat. This makes getting Prison Keys a very worthwhile endeavor. To learn how to get Prison Keys in Pet Simulator 99, see our guide below.

Get Prison Keys (Normal and Gold) From Random Drops

In Pet Simulator 99, players can obtain two types of Prison Keys: Prison Keys and Golden Prison Keys. The methods for acquiring both keys are similar, with an additional method available for getting Golden Prison Keys.

The method of getting keys is as a random drop when destroying breakables in Prison World. To increase your chances of getting key drops, you can:

  1. Play with friends, which provides a +5% key drop chance.
  2. Use Treasure Hunter potions.
  3. Equip Treasure Hunter enchantments.
  4. Trigger the Prison Key Surge in the Police HQ.

Following these steps will significantly boost your chances of obtaining Prison Keys. However, remember that Golden Prison Keys are still rare drops, so they won’t appear frequently.

Trade Prison Keys for Golden Prison Keys

Combining Prison Keys at Prison P.
Prison P let’s players combine Prison Keys for Golden Prison Keys.

In Update 13, Big Games added a new NPC to Prison World called Prison P. Prison P is located on a basketball court in Area 203: Prison Yard. When you speak to this character Prison P will offer to combined 10x Prison Keys for a Golden Prison Key.

The combined method can be done in bulk, meaning you can combined your keys for a bunch of Golden Prison Keys all at once. This greatly cuts down on time, allowing you to focus more time on farming.

Can You Sell or Trade Prison Keys

Originally, Prison Keys and Golden Prison Keys were locked, meaning they couldn’t be sold or traded. However, in Update 14, BIG Games changed this, making the keys both tradeable and sellable.

Now, you can buy or trade for Prison Keys and Golden Prison Keys. This is useful if you have a lot of pets or items to trade or if you have a lot of Diamonds to spend on keys.

What do Prison Keys Open

In Area 201: Prison Block, there are eight prison cells you can unlock using either Prison Keys or Golden Prison Keys. Each cell contains a chest that can reward players with various items, including a chance to obtain a Huge Prison Cat.

Using a Prison Key to open these cells does not increase your chances of getting the Huge Pet. However, using Golden Prison Keys activates 10x Huge Odds on the chest inside, significantly boosting your chances of getting the Huge Pet.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Prison Keys in Pet Simulator 99. Using these keys on the locked Prison Cells can be an easy way to get items and even a Huge Pet if you are lucky!

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