Pet Simulator 99 Bank Heist Guide

Entrance to Da Vault in Pet Simulator 99.

The Pet Simulator 99 Bank Heist is a special mini-game players can complete in Prison World. This mini-game, as the name suggests, tasks the player with gaining access to locked vaults inside of a building. To make completing this mini-game easier for you, we’ve put together the complete Pet Simulator 99 Bank Heist guide below. Check it out!

Where is the Bank Heist Mini-Game?

To find and play the Bank Heist mini-game, you first need access to Prison World. You can reach Prison World by using the cannon in Void World. Once there, go to Area 204: Prison HQ.

In this area, look for the entrance labeled “Da Vault.” Enter Da Vault to be transported to the mini-game area. A 10-minute timer will start upon entering, giving you that amount of time to participate in the mini-game.

How to Complete the Bank Heists in Da Vault

When you enter Da Vault, you’ll have three possible directions you can go with each leading to a different vault:

  1. Garage Vault: Offers decent loot.
  2. Office Vault: Offers good loot.
  3. Bank Vault: Offers insane loot.

To access each vault, you need to complete a different set of mini-games. Once you finish these mini-games, they will lead you to the final area where the vault is located.

Garage Vault Solutions

The Garage Vault is on your left when you enter Da Vault. It’s the easiest of the three to complete. Here’s what you do:

  1. Go into the garage and avoid the lasers.
  2. Look around the garage for four numbers on the stacks of crates (like in the picture above).
  3. Write down the four numbers and enter them into the keypad next to the closed garage door to open it.
  4. Go through the door to reach the next area.
Police Trucks blocking the path in the Garage Vault.
Avoid the police trucks and cross the road.

In the next area you will see a road with police trucks driving on it. To reach the Garage Vault you need to cross the street and avoid getting hit by the trucks.

Inside the Garage Vault you will find breakables. Destroy these breakables to receive various rewards. These rewards have a lower chance of dropping rare things than the other two vaults you can access.

Office Vault Solutions

The Office Vault is on your right when you enter Da Vault. It’s the second easiest to complete. In the first section, you simply need to navigate through a maze with lasers. Avoid the lasers and make it to the end of the maze. Then, you’ll arrive in an office where you’ll find a puzzle to solve.

An example of the computer displaying the color sequence.
Example: This computer would show you that the Green button is your second button to push.

In the office area of the Office Vault, you’ll see four colored buttons on the wall. To move forward, follow these steps:

  1. Walk around and interact with the different colored computers in the office.
  2. Note the color and its order. Will show something like Yellow = 1 (for example), meaning yellow is the first button you push.
  3. Do this so you have the order of all four numbers.
  4. Go to the colored buttons and press them in the order you wrote down.

Upon pushing the colored buttons you will open a secret door that leads to the Office Vault. Head into this area to reach breakables you can destroy to receive various rewards. These rewards have a better chance of dropping rare things than the Garage Vault, but not as good as the Bank Vault.

Bank Vault Solutions

The Bank Vault is straight ahead when you enter Da Vault. To enter it you need to open the vault door by approaching it and repeatedly pressing E/Interact when prompted. Keep doing this until the door opens and you can enter.

The Bank Vault red button to open the laser door.
Look for the Red Buttons before the laser doors and push them.

In the second section, you’ll encounter laser doors blocking your path. It might seem like you can’t get past them, but you can. In the small rooms before each door, look for a hidden red button and press it to turn off the laser door. Do the same in the next room to reach the third section.

The final area is quite straightforward. There are two Huge Police Cats on patrol. They will turn and look towards the middle of the room. To get past them, wait for them to turn away, then quickly run through the Danger Zone to reach the Bank Vault on the other side.

The Bank Vault also features a bunch of breakables you can destroy. While you are destroying them you will receive various rewards from the mini-games loot pool. This area has the highest chance of dropping the best loot.

Bank Heist Rewards

When you reach a vault and destroy the breakables there you will have the chance to receive various rewards from the mini-game pool. These rewards vary in rarity and include enchants, consumable items, Huge Charms, and the very rare chance of hatching a Huge Police Cat pet.

If you wish to maximize your chances be sure to spend all of your time farming in the Bank Vault. Also utilize Treasure Hunter enchants and potions to improve the chance of drops occurring.

For more help with Pet Simulator 99’s Prison World, be sure to check out our other guides. They will help you reach the Police HQ, get Prison Keys, and even combine those keys.

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