Pet Simulator 99 Secret Keys and Secret Rooms Explained

Pet Simulator 99 Secret Key item in player's inventory in-game.

In Update 5 of Pet Simulator 99 developers BIG Games added a new item to the game in the form of the Secret Key. This new item, when acquired, allows players to open locked Secret Room doors hidden in the different areas of the experience. To learn everything you need to know about both the Pet Simulator 99 Secret Keys and Secret Rooms, read our guide below.

What are Secret Keys in Pet Simulator 99

Secret Keys are Exotic rarity items players can either purchase from the Trading Plaza or earn for themselves. Purchasing Secret Keys requires Diamonds (or trading) while earning them requires either leveling up the level passes or receiving it as a random drop from mini-games or free item presents.

Like the other keys in the experience, the Secret Key can come either assembled or in pieces. The two pieces players need to collect to create a Secret Key are the Secret Key: Upper Half and Secret Key: Lower Half.

What Are the Secret Rooms in Pet Simulator 99

After obtaining a Secret Key in Pet Simulator 99, you can utilize it to unlock a sealed door leading to a Secret Room. Presently, there are three Secret Rooms accessible in various areas of the experience:

  • Area #15: Enchanted Forest Tree – Inside this Secret Room, you’ll find the Crazzy Deals vendor. This vendor presents you with three items, and you can choose one item from the selection free of charge. The nature of the items may vary, depending on chance.
  • Area #33: Wild West General Store – Within this Secret Room, there are three big chests. You have the opportunity to choose one of these chests to receive a reward, but the items obtained may be good or bad, depending on chance.
  • Area #58: Fairy Castle – In this Secret Room, there’s a Crystal Key Wheel that players can spin. The wheel offers different chances to earn Crystal Keys or Crystal Key pieces. You get one spin of the wheel to test your luck.

It’s important to note that opening a locked Secret Room door costs you one Secret Key. This means you will want to choose wisely of which door you open of the options listed above. Due to the chance nature of each room there is a high possibility you receive something of minimal value from your visit.

That’s all you need to know about the Pet Simulator 99 Secret Keys and Secret Rooms they unlock. There is a high chance more Secret Rooms will be added to the game in future updates, so it may be wise to save keys until they roll out more options.

Anything to add to our Pet Simulator 99 Secret Keys and Secret Rooms guide? Drop it down in the comments below.



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