Pet Simulator X Pet Box Guide

The Pet Simulator X pet box.

Exciting news from BIG Games as they unveil the latest installment in the Pet Simulator series, Pet Simulator 99. With a host of updates, players are eager to know if their Pet Simulator X pet collection can transition. The answer is affirmative—utilize the Pet Simulator X Pet Box machine for a seamless pet transfer. Dive into our guide below for comprehensive details.

Where is the Pet Box Located

To begin the transfer process you need to first locate the Pet Box. The Pet Box is located in the Town biome close to the fountain. It is next to the 99 Portal. There is large writing over the new machine that says: ‘Pet Box’, making it fairly easy to spot.

How to Transfer Pets from Pet Simulator X to Pet Simulator 99

The Pet Box transfer menu.
The Pet Box transfer menu.

Once you’ve located the Pet Box your next step is to stand in the golden ring outside it. When you stand in the ring a menu will appear that allows you to transfer Pets, Eggs, Huges, and Titanics from Pet Simulator X to Pet Simulator 99.

To do a transfer simply select the transfer category from the menu and then the Pet or Egg from within. Push the Transfer button and your pet will be transferred to the new experience.

Keep in mind there is a transfer limit for each category that refreshes every week. The limits are as follows:

  • Pets: 10
  • Eggs: 14
  • Huges: 5
  • Titanics: 1

The limits reset weekly, granting the opportunity to transfer additional Pets and Eggs to Pet Simulator 99. If you possess a substantial number of pets, the process may span multiple weeks for completion. You have 6 months to complete your transfers before the machine is removed.

Additionally, there’s a limit on the Pets you can transfer. Except for event pets and eggs, everything else can be sent to the new experience. Pets with nicknames and special enchantments won’t retain them due to new systems in place in the new game.

What Happens When You Transfer a Pet From PSX to PS99

A pet marked to be transferred.

Understanding the transfer system is crucial. When you transfer a pet it is marked with the transfer icon which signifies its move to Pet Simulator 99. However, confusion may arise during trading.

Pets you set to transfer still exist within Pet Simulator X. This means you can still sell them. Selling or buying a transferred pet is something to be wary of. As BIG Games has stated, the person who transferred the pet will get it in Pet Simulator 99.

If you buy a pet that has already been transferred (has the icon), you will not get it in PS99. Keep that in mind when using the market.

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