Pet Simulator 99 Preston’s Shop

Preston's Shop in Pet Simulator 99.

Pet Simulator 99 has finally been released. In this new experience from BIG Games player swill find a number of changes to the basic Pet Simulator formula. Alongside these changes there are a variety of new secrets and additions to uncover. One secret players might not know about is the Pet Simulator 99 Preston’s Shop special NPC.

Where to Find Preston’s Shop in Pet Simulator 99

Shortcut between Area #26 and Area #35.
In the shortcut between Area #26 and Area #35 is the special shop.

To access Preston’s Shop, you need to make your way to Area #35: Safari. In this area, you will unlock a tunnel shortcut that leads back to Area #26: Pirate Cove. As you go through the tunnel shortcut, you will see a hole in the tunnel with a BIG Mascot in it. This BIG Mascot runs Preston’s Shop.

You can also access Preston’s Shop from Area #26: Pirate Cove. You just need to have reached Area #35 first so that the shortcut is unlocked both ways.

What Does Preston’s Shop Do in Pet Simulator 99

Once you’ve found Preston’s Shop you can approach the NPC in it and interact with it. Doing this brings up a text input screen. The screen reads what’s the super secret code. You can then input a code and submit it to see if you receive anything.

What is the Preston’s Shop Super Secret Code in PS99

The code for Preston’s Shop remains unknown at the moment. Despite wild speculation circulating on the web, no conclusive discovery has been made as of writing this article. Any changes will prompt an update to this page to reflect the discovery.

To learn more about what’s in the different zones in Pet Simulator 99 be sure to check out our Areas list. This list details the different machines, upgrades, shortcuts, and other unlockable in each one.

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