Pet Simulator 99 Announced by BIG Games

Pet Simulator 99 artwork.

BIG Games, the creators of the well-loved Pet Simulator X on Roblox, have unveiled their next upcoming release. On December 1st, eager players can dive into the world of Pet Simulator 99, a fresh experience centered around collecting pets.

For a while, rumors swirled about the upcoming title, and players eagerly awaited a new release. Many predicted that the next BIG Games title would carry the name Happy Pet Game. However, the actual game unveiling delivered a surprise—instead of Happy Pet Game, the new title is Pet Simulator 99.

Pet Simulator 99 Reveal Trailer & Details

The full reveal of Pet Simulator 99 was done through an official announcement trailer (shown above). This trailer features a look at the expected gameplay players will find in the experience.

Much of the core of the game remains similar to the Pet Simulator experience fans have come to love, but there are a bunch of new additions and changes. While watching the trailer fans will notice new pets, new worlds, new obstacles courses, summonable items, and the ability to equip way more pets (up-to-99).

Leading up to the release of the new experience, BIG Games has introduced the Pet Box within Pet Simulator X. This innovative addition enables players to seamlessly transfer their current pets to Pet Simulator 99. For a comprehensive understanding of this process, refer to our Pet Simulator X transfer guide, which provides detailed information on how to carry out the pet transfer.

To keep track of the exact moment when Pet Simulator 99 is released, you can jump into PSX. In the Town biome there is a large gate containing an exact countdown to when the experience will become available for players to play.

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