Pet Simulator 99 Falling Down Achievement

The Pet Simulator 99 Falling Down achievement.

In Pet Simulator 99, players have the opportunity to chase various achievements for added rewards. While most of these tasks involve mastering straightforward gameplay mechanics, there are some that pose a greater challenge. The Pet Simulator 99 Falling Down achievement is notably one of the more hidden challenges. For a comprehensive guide on unlocking this achievement, refer to the details below.

How to Unlock the Pet Simulator 99 Falling Down Achievement

To unlock the Falling Down achievement in Pet Simulator 99, your objective is to deliberately fall out of bounds on the map. This can be achieved by identifying openings or holes in the map through which you can descend. While there are several options available, I’ll guide you through a straightforward method to accomplish this.

A hole you can enter to get out of bounds in Pet Simualtor 99.
Go down the hole beside the anchor.

The hole we are going to use is located in Area #22: Shipwreck. Go to this location and look for a large anchor on the rocks. To the left of this anchor is a crevice you can swim down into. Make your way through the crevice to reach out of bounds.

The special stairway in Pet Simulator 99.
Special stairway room.

Once you’ve reached out of bounds, you will immediately fall to your death. Upon responding, you will arrive in a new area featuring an infinite stairway. Reaching this area unlocks the Falling Down achievement which earns you 777 Diamonds. You also unlock a new achievement called Is It Real which, if completed, unlocks a Huge Angel Dog.

This is just one of multiple secrets for players to uncover in Pet Simulator 99. One of the more interesting ones right now is what to do with Preston’s Secret Shop. This secret shop is hidden away and requires a secret code to be used to access it.

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