Pet Simulator 99 Tiki Egg Hunt Event

The entrance to the Tiki Egg Hunt in Pet Simulator 99.

The Tiki Egg Hunt in Pet Simulator 99 is a special event in the Summer Obby. During the event, players can find eggs with different chances of hatching Huge Pets. Some eggs offer very high chances, making them worth the effort to find. For more details about the Tiki Egg Hunt, see our guide below.

Where & When is the Tiki Egg Hunt Event

The Tiki Egg Hunt event happens every four hours in Area #207: Tiki Island. The event follows a specific schedule (in CDT): 12 PM, 4 PM, 8 PM, 12 AM, 4 AM, and 8 AM.

As the times listed above approach, you will see a message on your UI with a countdown to the Tiki Egg Hunt event. Additionally, if you visit Tiki Island, you will find a large gate with a timer also counting down to the event.

The path of tiki heads leading to Tiki Village in Pet Simulator 99.
This is the path leading to Tiki Village where the egg hunt is located.

To participate in the event when it is live, visit Tiki Island during the active time. Look for a short obby of tiki heads leading to a village. Cross the tiki heads to reach the village where the egg hunt is located.

How to Do the Tiki Egg Hunt Event

When you reach the Tiki Village, you will see many eggs hidden around the island. To do the event, simply explore the village and island looking for eggs. Each egg you find has a certain percentage chance of hatching a Huge Pet.

Tiki Island egg hunt egg showing 10x Huge Odds.
An egg with 10x Huge Odds on Tiki Island.

Your goal on the island is to find the egg with the highest chance of hatching a Huge Pet and hatch it as many times as possible. The highest chance is 100x, but there are many other values in between.

You have 1 hour to find and hatch eggs on the island. After the hour is up, the event ends, and you will be returned to Area 207. Be quick to maximize your hatching time.

To save time, go to Area 207 a few minutes before the event begins. While you wait, equip any egg hatching bonus enchants and drink Lucky potions. This way, you’re ready to start immediately when the event begins and won’t waste time on the island.

Tiki Egg Hunt Event Pets & Huge

The majority of the pets you will hatch during the Tiki Egg Hunt event can be found in other eggs around the Summer Obby world. The main reason to do this event is the higher chances at hatching a Huge Pineapple Monkey.

This Huge Pet has the chance of hatching from eggs in obby world, but you get higher chances of it hatching during the Tiki Egg Hunt event. Additionally it has a chance of dropping from defeating the Jungle Boss Chest.

That’s all you need to really know about the Tiki Egg Hunt event. When the event is live you can visit the island to find and hatch eggs with higher Huge Pet hatching chances. This is a worthwhile activity as it can give a good chance to get the Huge Pineapple Monkey.

There are other things you should know about in the Obby World such as the new Seashell currency. This currency can be used to make special Summer Gifts. See our Seashell guide for more information.

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