How to Get Seashells in Pet Simulator 99

Seashells event currency in inventory in Pet Simulator 99.

In Update 14 of Pet Simulator 99, BIG Games introduced a new area called Obby World. In Obby World, players can participate in obstacle courses (obbys) and break various objects. Players can also collect a special event item called Seashells. These Seashells can be exchanged for special event presents that contain unique rewards. To find out how to get Seashells in Pet Simulator 99, check out our guide below

Chance at Seashells from Random Drops

The first method for getting Seashells is the most straightforward: simply break breakables and hope they drop randomly. To increase your chances, you can equip Treasure Hunter enchants and drink Treasure Hunter potions, which boost the likelihood of drops appearing while you play.

Seashells Drop During the Jungle Boss Chest Fight

Seashells dropping during the Jungle Boss Chest fight.
Seashells can drop during the Jungle Boss Fight.

Every four hours in Area #208: Jungle Island there is a special boss fight that occurs called the Jungle Boss. You can earn guaranteed Seashell drops by taking part in this fight. They come from two sources during the battle:

  1. Destroying the purple mini-chests that spawn in the boss arena
  2. Destroying the Jungle Boss chest

Participating in this boss fight is a simple and effective way to earn Seashells. Completing the full fight can easily net you a few hundred Seashells, making it highly rewarding. The only drawback is the four-hour cooldown between fights.

Purchase or Trade for Seashells

In Pet Simulator 99, Seashells can be both traded and purchased. You can trade with other players to get Seashells or buy them, using Diamonds, from the Trading Plaza where players have listed them for sale.

An alternative way to obtain Seashells is through the game’s shop. Players can use Robux to buy ranks in the Summer Pack. These ranks offer the chance to earn potentially rare rewards, including Seashells.

What to Do with Seashells

The Seashell Machine in Pet Simulator 99.
The Seashell Machine in Beach Island.

As you acquire Seashells, you might wonder what to do with them. The answer lies in either the Spawn or Area 205: Beach Island, where you’ll find a machine called the Seashell Machine.

Using the Seashell Machine allows players to exchange 500 Seashells for a Summer Gift. This gift can be opened or sold. If you open it you have the chance to receive the Huge Pineapple MonkeyWater BlasterSurfboardSummer Booth, and other rewards.

If you don’t want to turn the shells into Summer Gifts you can instead sell or trade them. This can be done through your booth in the Trading Plaza or by making deals with other players you meet.

There are other things you should know about in the Obby World. Check out our guides detailing the Tiki Egg Hunt Event and the Jungle Boss Chest fight.

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