Pet Simulator 99 Raid Minigame Explained

The entrance to the Raid in Pet Simulator 99.

In Update 6 of Pet Simulator 99 BIG Games added a new Raid minigame players can take part in. This minigame tasks players with destroying progressively stronger chests to earn various rewards. To learn more about the Pet Simulator 99 Raid, continue reading the guide below.

What Time is the Raid in PS99

Unlike other minigames that refresh and can be played whenever you’d like the Raid in PS99 works a little bit differently. The Raid only occurs twice per day at a set time. This set time is 12pm CST and 10pm CST. The event itself lasts 10 minutes so you will need to be there on or close to on time to avoid missing it for the day.

How to Complete the Raid in PS99

The Raid minigame is simple. Head to the Cyber Base Camp (Area 124) when the event is about to begin. At this location walk over to the large Raid door. When the event begins the door opens and you can go inside.

Inside the Raid area your objective is to simply destroy chests. Each room of the dungeon the chests get progressively harder and require having higher damage pets or more team members to complete.

Once the 10 minutes of the Raid conclude, you’ll be ejected from it. Outside, you’ll witness a damage breakdown of all participants involved in the raid event.

What Rewards do You Get From the Raid in Pet Simulator 99

The Raid rewards mirror those obtained from completing other minigames within the experience. Players have the chance to acquire items such as Enchants, Potions, Consumables, and a rare opportunity to obtain the Huge Glitched Cat.

One thing to keep in mind is that the harder the rooms you complete the better you rewards. If you are very strong or have a full team of other players you will want to try and reach the furthest room you can to maximize the rewards you get from the Raid.

That’s all you need to know about the Raid minigame in Pet Simulator 99. Be sure to check out our other guides including details on the Mastery perks and the daily Surge minigame.

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