Pet Simulator 99 Surge Minigame Daily Bonus

A Pet Simulator 99 Minigame that has Surge active.

In the Pet Simulator 99 Update 5 released on January 25th BIG Games added a number of additions to the popular Roblox experience. One of these additions was the introduction of the Pet Simulator 99 Surge minigame daily bonus. Each day, when this bonus is active, players can earn additional rewards by completing the active minigame.

Surge details last updated for July 14, 2024

Understanding A Surged Minigame in Pet Simulator 99

Every day in Pet Simulator 99, the game selects one of the minigames as the Surge mini-game of the day. When you participate in this mini-game, you earn extra rewards upon completion.

The number of additional items you receive can be 3 times, 5 times, 10 times, or 15 times more than usual. The game sets the bonus for each day. You’ll find this number displayed on your screen and at the entrance of the mini-game.

Discover Today’s PS99 Surge Minigame & Bonus

A new minigame is selected once each day to be Surged. While a minigame is selected it can be completed repeatedly to earn bonus rewards. The list below highlights today’s active Pet Simulator 99 Surge minigame and its active item reward multiplier:

  • Surged Minigame World 1: Classic Obby (Area 5)
  • Surge Bonus: 10x Rewards
  • Surged Minigame World 2: Hoverboard Obby
  • Surge Bonus: 10x Rewards

Completing the daily Surge can be a simple way to earn a lot of items. On days when the bonus is 10-15x players should devote a lot of time to completing the minigame as much as possible. Doing this can earn a 30-40+ items each time you complete the Surge minigame.

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