How to Fish in Pet Simulator 99

Entrance to the Fishing mini-game in Pirate Tavern.

In the new Roblox experience, Pet Simulator 99, crafted by BIG Games, several fresh features have been introduced, including new mini-games. These mini-games offer a delightful break from the usual gameplay, enabling players to engage in obstacle courses, go sledding, and even try their hand at fishing. To learn how to fish in Pet Simulator 99, refer to our guide below.

Where is the Fishing Mini-Game in Pet Simulator 99

Before you can fish in Pet Simulator 99, you need to first reach the Fishing mini-game Area. This means reaching Area #27: Pirate Tavern. Once you reach Pirate Tavern, you will see a dock with the entrance leading to the Fishing mini-game. Go up to this entrance and walk into it to be teleported to the Fishing mini-game room.

How to Fish

The fishing mini-game in Pet Simulator 99.
The fishing mini-game in Pet Simulator 99.

Upon entering the fishing mini-game room, you will auto-equip a rod. With this rod, walk over to the water and aim into the water. Push tap to cast your line out into the water.

Once the line has been cast, the bobber will sit on top of the water. To know when you’ve hooked something, watch the bobber; you will here a splash sound and it will bob when something is on the line. At this point, tap/click to trigger the fishing mini-game.

At this point you will need to ‘fish.’ To do this press and hold, ensuring you keep the grey bar behind the bobber icon in the first bar. The grey bar will turn green if you are doing it correctly. The second bar shows you how close you are to the catch. When that second bar reaches 100% you will catch whatever is hooked on your line.

How to Get New Fishing Rods

Fishing Merchant in Pet Simulator 99.
The Fishing Merchant sells better fishing rods.

In the fishing mini-game, there are a number of possible rewards you can fish up. One of the more common ones is coins, essential for purchasing new Fishing Rods. These rods are available for purchase from the Fishing Merchant, who currently sells four of them. The better the rod you fish with, the better the possible rewards you can catch.

What Rewards Can You Get From Fishing

Fishing is one of multiple mini-games you can take part in in Pet Simulator 99. This mini-game features a number of possible rewards for players to fish up including chances at the following:

  • Coins
  • Diamonds
  • Potions
  • Huge Poseidon Corgi

Fishing can be an easy way to attain rewards if you are looking for a break from the typical gameplay grind loops. It is short and can reward you with a bunch of items in a short period of time.

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