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Upon entering the fan shaft in Chapter 2: Dead City of Stray you will arrive in The Flat. The Flat is the third chapter in the game. Unlike Dead City this chapter is shorter and more self-contained. With that said this chapter does introduce collectibles to the game and a new companion. To complete this chapter see our The Flat guide for Stray below.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 1 Major.
  • Trophies/Achievements: 1.

Meet B-12 & Go to The Slums

The point of The Flat level is to meet the companion robot called B-12. B-12 is a robot that plays a critical roll in the game’s main story. To advance through this section you will need to first free B-12 which requires solving a puzzle.

Drop from the vent to the room below. Leave this room and head into the next room. On your right is a rug you can scratch for progress in the Territory [3/12] trophy/achievement. Do this then continue forward to the computer in the room. Jump up to it and stand on the keyboard. This will cause you to type, which communicates with someone that needs your help. After this interaction secret door opens allowing you to access a laboratory where you need to power it on.

Lab Power Puzzle Solution

Enter the secret passage and go into the lab. In this room you will see four power ports we need to power on the far wall. To do this you must find four power packs hidden in the room. The locations of each are (when facing the power outlets).

  1. On table in the middle of the room plugged into a computer.
  2. Left side of room on top of bookshelf. Jump to stool then up to bookshelf top to reach.

Both 3&4 are located along the right wall of the room. Pull the lever on the right wall to cause a powered cart to move. Wait for it to move all the way then pull the power source from its base. Jump up onto the cart and jump up again to reach the power source on the ledge above.

Plug all four of the power sources into the power outlets to power it on. Once the power is on a second door opens leading to a storage room. Make your way to this storage room now.

Where to Find B-12 in the Storage Room

Image showing the box containing B-12 in Stray.
Knock over the companion robot box to find B-12.

On the far end of this room you will see a robot slumped over next to a pod. Go over to the robot and pod and jump on top of the robot then onto the pod. From the pod jump left to the shelf. Walk along the shelf to end to reach a box with a B-12 robot inside of it. Knock the box off the shelf. Drop down to the floor and pick up the B-12 robot. Go back to the lab.

Image showing where to place B-12 to power it up in Chapter 3 of Stray.
Place B-12 here to power it up.

Back in the lab head over to the console where you placed the four power sources. In the middle of the two computers here you will find a place you can place B-12. Do this and you will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene B-12 powers up and comes alive. Once B-12 is alive you will unlock the Not Alone trophy/achievement.

Leaving The Flat

Image showing B-12 grabbing the keys for Stray in Stray Chapter 3.
B-12 can grab hard to reach items for Stray.

B-12 decides to come along with you on your journey. This allows you to do a few things which B-12 will mention. The first thing is grabbing items you normally couldn’t reach. B-12 tells you to follow it over to the nearby board. Here there are Keys. B-12 grabs the keys but is hindered by its low batteries. B-12 then tells you to come over to the next workbench.

On this second workbench is a vest Stray can wear. This vest is a battery and inventory system rolled into one. When you first wear the vest you will walk weird. Leave the lab and head out to the room with the computer (where we stood on the keyboard). Near the pc is a door we can open using the keys. B-12 explains how it works so follow its instructions. Once the door is open leave The Flat.

What is the Door Code Solution

Image showing the digicode location in Stray Chapter 3.
The door code location.

You will enter a hallway with a locked door at the end. This door requires a digicode to open. The digicode is 3748. It is located in the storage room on the right side of the hallway. Go into this room and jump onto the shelf that has the whiteboard leaning on top of it. Knock the stuff out of the way so you can read the bottom of the whiteboard and the code written there.

Input the door code and head outside. Jump into the bucket and ride it across to the other section of the city. Walk forward and you will automatically pick up the first B-12 Main Memory #1 [1/27] during a cutscene. There are 27 memories in total to collect across the game’s chapters.

Entering The Slums

Image showing how to enter The Slums in Stray Chapter 3 The Flat.
Jump on the dumpster then up to the pipe to enter The Slums.

Continue forward and jump to the railing then to the roof. Jump to the stairs and head down them to the bucket lift. Ride the bucket across the gap and when you land on the other side run straight towards the barricaded doorway. Zurks will chase you. Jump to the dumpster then up to the pipe. Walk through the little hole to reach the next chapter called Chapter 4: The Slums – Part 1.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s The Flat YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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