Stray Digicodes List

In Stray you will encounter a variety of locked doors or locked safes that require you to input different codes to complete. These codes are referred to as digicodes and they are usually found around where the lock is located. To help you keep track of them all here’s the complete Stray digicodes list.

All Digicodes in Stray

A lock pad you input the digicode on.

Digicodes are codes you will find in the different chapters in Stray. They are four number codes you input into a keypad on a variety of things like doors and safes. Often times the codes themselves are hidden in the world for you to find. Each code, however, is static across playthroughs, so the ones listed below will be the same for you.

Rooftop Exit Door in Chapter 3: The Flat.3748
Safe in alleyway of Chapter 4: The Slums Part 1.1283
Secret lab in Chapter 6: The Slums Part 2.2511
Safe in Chapter 10: Midtown8542

Opening the doors in Chapters 3 and 6 are part of the main story, meaning you have to input the codes listed above. The safes, on the other and, are completely optional. They contain collectible items that contribute to things like achievements and badge progression.

This post is part of our larger Stray guide and walkthrough. Check out the hub page to find all available guides for this game’s main story, side quests, and collectibles.

These are all the digicodes I found in the game. Let me know if I’m missing some in the comments below.


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