Stray Chapter 11 Jail Guide

Following the events of Midtown you will be thrown into Jail. This starts Chapter 11: Jail. To complete this chapter you need to rescue Clementine and B-12 and then escape with them. To help you do this use our Stray Chapter 11 Jail guide.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 1 Memory.
  • Trophies/Achievements: 1.

Escaping from Your Cell

Image showing Stray in his cell in Stray Chapter 11 Jail.
Swing the cage to escape.

When you gain control of Stray you will be in a cage hanging from a chain. To escape from this cell move from left to right repeatedly so you start to swing the cage. Eventually you will smash the cage against the left side of the room. Do this a second time and it will swing open allowing you to jump to the pipe. Do this now.

Once you are out of the cage walk along the pipe towards the front of the room. Jump up on the platform and turn and jump onto the railing. You will see wood you can jump to. Jump to it and it will move and then jump to the other wood platform. Jump to the next platform then crawl through the grate in the wall. Follow the path forward into the next room.

Image showing how to move the platforms to reach the lower portion of the room in Stray Jail.
Jump down to the cage once the wood is in position.

In the next room walk along the left side and jump to the wood platform so you move it all the way into position. Jump back and walk to the far right side. Jump to the wooden platform below. It will swing out allowing you to jump to the cage at the bottom of the platform we moved earlier. Cross the barrels so you reach the door. Go through it into the hallway.

Reaching Clementine’s Cell

In the hallway turn to the left and jump up the ac units on the wall. Use the units to climb up to the metal pipe above. Walk along the pipe then cross the metal beam so you can jump to the catwalk on your right. Use the catwalk to reach the next section of the room. In this section there is are two Sentinels.

Image showing the path to take through the Jail in Stray Chapter 11.
When clear go to the dumpster and use it to go to the catwalk above.

The Sentinel on the catwalk will remain stationary. When able drop down onto the wooden platforms to the left below. The Sentinel below you moves. Either use the open cells to hide from it or simply wait for it to be under you then jump and run down the hallway. At the end of the hallway jump up the dumpster to the ledges above to reach the catwalk. At the top you will find Clementine.

How to Free Clementine

To free Clementine you need to find a key. To find the key head down the hallway from Clementine’s cell and go right when you see a door you can squeeze through. You will be in an office. Go through this office to reach a section outside. Go through the outside section and enter the second office. In this office on top of the desk is the key. Grab it and take it back to Clementine. Drop it and she will grab it and open her cell.

Freeing B-12

Follow Clementine, since she has the keys, and make your way to the room. Clementine will go to leave out one of the gates, but a cutscene will play. During this cutscene Stray sees that B-12 is being held in the room below. Time to go save him.

Image showing where to go following the Sentinel cutscene with Clementine.
Go into the guard shack.

Follow Clementine through the door she opens and down the nearby staircase. At the bottom of the staircase a cutscene will player where a Sentinel appears. After this cutscene run down the hallway to the booth and go through the little window. Go through the window on the left of the shack to enter the area where the Sentinel was.

Image showing the crates to jump onto to avoid the laser traps.
Use these crates to reach the vents above.

In this area there are lasers on the floor. To avoid them jump onto the crates to the right then use the crates to jump to the vent above. Jump from the vent to the light then to the next vent. Jump to the floor below and head into the hallway to your right.

Laser Traps

Image showing the laser traps in the hallway.
The laser hallway.

To get through the hallway you need to complete two laser trap sequences. Both are fairly simple. The first sequence the laser moves along the ground from one end of the hallway to the other. Jump onto the window sill to your right then jump down when the laser has moved past you. Enter the room with the Sentinel and hide from it then move to the second part of the hallway when the coast is clear.

In the second part of the hallway there are two laser traps moving. The first one moves along the floor and the second one moves up and down. When the first trap moves away jump to the ac unit on the left wall. Wait for the other trap to move down then jump across to the second ac unit. Jump to the floor below when it is clear to do so. Head into the next room.

Pull the Switch and Grab B-12

Head into the booth in the middle of the next room (avoid the Sentinel nearby) and pull the lever. This turns off the cell holding B-12. Once the cell is open the Sentinels turn more alert. Avoid them and go over to the cell. Grab B-12 and head over the window that is open near the entrance of the hallway with the first laser trap section. Jump through it when it’s clear and head back to Clementine. A cutscene will play and you will enter a new area of the Jail.

Brick to Smash Windows

Image showing pushing bricks to give Clementine an idea in Stray Chapter 11: Jail.
Push these bricks to give Clem an idea.

Inside this next room Clementine will walk forward and will be stumped by the locked door. Nearby there is a dumpster you can jump onto that has bricks on it. Knock the bricks over and Clementine will pick one up. She will use it to smash the window above the door. Clementine then bends down and you can jump up onto her head to jump through the now broken window. On the other side enter the guard booth to open the door so Clementine can pass through.

The Yard

Image showing Stray Chapter 11 Memory location.
In the middle of the yard you will find Memory #22.

We are fairly close to the end of Chapter 11 we just need to make it through the Yard and the garage. The Yard is super simple. There are two sections in which you must lure Sentinels into cells on the left side of the Yard. Once you do this lock them in so Clementine follows. After the first one is complete you will enter a middle section in the Yard. Here you will find Memory #22 [26/27] on the robot on the right side of this little area.

Following going through the middle section you will need to repeat the process you used in the first section of the Yard on two Sentinels. Trap both in the cell then Clementine will walk through the Yard and open the door to the garage.


Image showing scratching the keys in the car to give Clem attention.
Scratch the keys in the car to get Clem’s attention.

In the first room of the garage you will be locked in. Walk to the right-side of this room to find a little vent you can walk through. Walk through it into the large garage. Turn left and you will find a lever you can pull. Pull the lever and you will open the gate for Clementine. Clementine needs help opening the large garage door so you can escape. Go over to the parked car and scratch the keys in the driver’s side door (Territory [11/12]). Clementine will come over and get inside.

Image showing running at the end of Stray Chapter 11 Jail.

Jump on the back of the car and she will back it up to the fence. Jump over the fence and follow the hallway to the left to reach the guard booth. Inside the booth pull the lever. This opens the garage door. When you do this a bunch of Sentinels swarm in. Run back to Clementine (via the fence route) and chase after her as she drives away. Jump to the car to trigger a cutscene. Clem gives you the Subway Key at the end of it.

Turning on the Subway

Following the cutscene you will be back in the Subway station. Head all the way back to the first room (where we entered from Chapter 9: Antvillage). Place the power source in the socket there. Go to the Subway car and sit on the driver’s seat. Look at the console. Use the Subway Key to turn on the train. You will then ride to Chapter 12: Control Room.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s Jail YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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