Stray Chapter 12 Control Room Guide

The final chapter that players need to complete in Stray is Control Room. This chapter occurs after you escape from The Jail and ride the subway to the area. Once you are in this area you are close to the game’s ending. To help you complete this chapter (and the game), use our Control Room guide below.

Chapter Details

  • Memories: 1
  • Trophies/Achievements: 1.

Reach the Control Room

Once the subway comes to a stop and the doors open, get off on the platform. Head up the first set of stairs and then continue up the next set. At the top of the second set of stairs you will see red doors on your right (make a note of them for later). Turn left and go up the next short stairs. Take a left again and you will see the Control Room doors.

Getting into the Control Room tasks you with solving a bit of puzzle. Send B-12 out to inspect the console on the right side of the double doors. He will tell you that he needs your assistance to open the doors.

Image showing how to solve the Control Room puzzle in Stray Chapter 12 so you can get inside.
Solve the Control Room door puzzle using B-12.

Turn around and walk away from the doors. You will see a task bot waiting there. Turn it on and lead it to the left of the Control Room doors so it is sitting underneath the second panel. Send B-12 back at the panel and then get on top of the service bot. Scratch the wiring when you are able to open the door. Go through the door into the Control Room.

Opening the Cover To Let the Outside In

Image showing the Stray Chapter 12 Memory 27.
This memory is automatically unlocked.

In the Control Room B-12 will mention a memory of this place which collects B-12 Major Memory #5 [27/27]. You will unlock the I Remember! trophy/achievement and will receive the chrome backpack (if you’ve followed our guide up to this point).

After the trip down memory lane head to the main computer (which is flashing) on the far side of the room. Have B-12 inspect it. He can get the lockdown unlocked, but he needs to do a few things first with your help.

Turn on the Computers

Image showing how to turn on the computers in the Control Room in Stray.
Stand on the keyboards under the blank screens to turn on the computers.

As you made your way to the main computer you passed through rows of computers. B-12 asks you to turn them on. To do this is simple. Jump onto the computers and walk on the keyboards underneath the screens that are off. Do this for all three rows. Once this is done B-12 will talk to you to tell you about part 2.

Destroy the Three Computer Locks

B-12 triggers three locks that must be broken to raise the lockdown. These three locks are trigger by the three consoles that show yellow lock icons on them. To break the locks you need to destroy these consoles. There are three to break:

  1. Right of Main Computer: Jump onto the small console in the corner. There is a hatch you can scratch. Scratch it then scratch the wires. Use B-12 to hack.
  2. Left of Main Computer: There is a long metal pc leaning against one of the consoles. Jump up and push it over. Scratch the wires when they are revealed. Use B-12 to Hack.
  3. Right of the Roof Control Workstation: Scratch the bottom section of the console to reveal its wires. Scratch them and then use B-12 to hack.

Each time you hack with B-12 he loses bit of power/life. On the final hack he will almost fry completely. He asks that you take him to the Roof Control Workstation. Do this and place him in the highlighted area to trigger a cutscene.

Opening the Roof

B-12 uses the last of his life to open the roof. Once he dies Stray lies down beside him and goes to sleep. A cutscene then plays showing what is happening to The Slums and Midtown now that sunlight is being let in. You see many of the robots that you helped along your adventure.

Reaching the Outside

Image showing the ending to Stray.
Stray makes it to the outside again.

Following the cutscene you regain control of Stray. You have a choice here to either stay and watch the roof fully open or leave to go to the outside. When you are ready to beat the game leave the Control Room and go to the red doors at the top of the stairs. This door will open for you. Walk through the door and up to the outside to finish the game. You will unlock the Eye Opener trophy/achievement.

Video Guide

If you need further help in completing this chapter, give Hold To Reset’s Control Room YouTube guide a watch. It shows you me completing a run through of the chapter. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

This post is part of our larger Stray guide and walkthrough. Check out the hub page to find all available guides for this game’s main story, side quests, and collectibles.

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