What to Do with the Broken Tracker in Stray

During Chapter 6: The Slums – Part 2 in Stray you will reach a point where Seamus gives you the Broken Tracker item. To advance through this section of the chapter you need to find someone to fix it. To do this you need to complete a rather long quest string involving acquiring a number of items around the location. Below I show you show you exactly what to do with the Broken Tracker in Stray.

Note: The first 3 steps can be done in Chapter 4 or 6. Step 4 has to be done in Chapter 6.

1. Get the Super Spirit Detergent

The first step of the quest-line is to get the Super Spirit Detergent. This item is located in the laundry mat on the lower slums. Attempting to enter it you will find the door is closed. To get inside you need to trigger a special event. The special event is caused above the shop. Head to the rooftops and interact with Vapora (the NPCs with the cans beside it). Meow when it throws the can. This causes a cutscene and the can falls to the street below, splattering paint everywhere.

Once the paint smashes the owner of the laundromat will open the door and come outside to cleanup the mess. This allows you to go inside the laundromat. Go into it then turn left. On the table there you will find the Super Spirit Detergent.

2. Trade the Super Spirit Detergent for Electrical Cables

Image showing the Azooz merchant in Stray.
Azooz sells three items including the Electrical Cables.

Upon collecting the Super Spirit Detergent head to the elevator area. Go along the road to the right. Here you will find the merchant Azooz. Azooz sells the Electrical Cables item for 1x Super Spirit Detergent. Do the trade to get the Electrical Cables.

3. Trade the Electrical Cables for the Poncho

Image showing the Stray Poncho item.
Poncho item.

After you get the Electrical Cables the next step is to go to Grandma’s Clothing. This shop is located at the end of the street after turning left from the bar. Go to this shop and speak to Grandma. She asks you to trade the Electrical Cables for a Poncho. Agree to the trade and she will make the clothing item for you.

4. Give the Poncho to Elliot and Have Him Fix the Broken Tracker

Image showing Elliot in Stray Chapter 6: The Slums - Part 2.
Give the Poncho to Elliot.

Turn opposite of Grandma’s Clothing and head all the way down the street. At the end of the street on the left and you will see a door. Read the sign to see it is called Elliot’s Programming. Scratch the door and someone will open it for you, allowing you inside. Go into the shop and head upstairs to meet Elliot.

Elliot is a tech wizard, but he’s cold. Until he has something to keep him warm he can’t fix anything. Luckily for us, we grabbed the Poncho from Grandma. Give the Poncho to Elliot.

Once you’ve given the Poncho to Elliot give him the Broken Tracker. He will fix the tracker. Take the tracker back to Seamus and show it to him. The tracker is showing a location for Doc. Follow Seamus as he follows the tracker. Eventually Seamus will open a door in The Slums that leads to the Dead City. This start Chapter 7: Dead End.

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