3 Security Cameras in the Residences Guide – Stray

In Chapter 10: Midtown of Stray players visit the residence area to find Clementine. Inside this area, in the courtyard, are three robots with a stereo. If you approach the one sitting next to the tapes named Simon he will ask for a favor. Destroy the 3 security cameras in the area and he will give you a Cassette Tape. Since this is needed to advance the main story learn how to destroy the 3 Security Cameras in Stray below.

Security Camera 1 Location

Image showing the first security camera in Chapter 10: Midtown of Stray.
The first security camera.

There are two security cameras directly above the NPCs that in the courtyard. Go up the stairs behind Simon going left. Go to the end of the walkway and you will see railing you can jump on. Jump to it and look down into the courtyard. Jump to the security camera then jump off it to break it.

Security Camera 2 Location

Jump off the railing so you continue head left. You will see a wall with crates and a planter shelf next to it. Near these crates you will see the camera. Use the crates to climb up to the camera. Jump up to it and stand on it. Jump off and it will fall off the wall.

Security Camera 3 Location

Image showing the third security camera in Chapter 10: Midtown of Stray.
The third security camera.

The second security camera is on the other-sed the one we destroyed above. Simply repeat the process on the other-side. Jump onto the railing then jump over to where the camera is. Stand on the camera then get off it to destroy it.

Once you’ve destroyed all of the security cameras listed above return to Simon in the courtyard. Speak with him and he will thank you for your help. He gives you the Cassette Tape which is needed to help you sneak into the Neco Factory.

Video Guide

If you need further help in pinpointing the exact locations mentioned above, give Hold To Reset’s Security Cameras YouTube guide a watch. It shows you a bit more details on each of the above described locations. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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