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In The Slums in Stray there is a special safe players can find that contains Sheet Music 8. This safe has a sticky note on it called the Safe’s Mysterious Password. When you inspect or show B-12 this item you may be stumped. This guide for Stray‘s The Safe’s Mysterious Password item will help you solve the puzzle and open the safe.

Where to Find the Slums Safe

In The Slums make your way to the elevator (where you met the Guardian). Facing the elevator turn left and walk along the street past the musician named Morusque. On your left there is an alleyway. Go down this alleyway and you will find the safe with a stick not attached to it. Pick up the sticky note and show it to B-12 to learn the following:

“It’s written “follows the numbers” but it looks like a binary language, a succession of 0 and 1s.”

Overall it’s not the most helpful of hints and you will see why below. Now’s the time to actually find the digicode somewhere in The Slums. Thankfully it is nearby.

Where to Find The Slums Safe’s Mysterious Password

Leave the alleyway and head back down to the elevator. Turn right and head down the stairs. Directly ahead of you at the bottom of the stairs is a red signed building with its door open. This is The Slums bar. Go into the bar and jump up onto the bar itself. Walk over to the picture on the wall and interact with it. This makes it fall revealing the numbers 1283.

Image showing the Music Sheet 8 in The Slums safe in Stray.
Inside The Slums safe is the Sheet Music 8.

Note these numbers and head back to the safe in the alleyway. Input the digicode 1283 and the safe will open. Inside the safe is Sheet Music 8. This sheet is one of a set of collectibles you can give to Morusque to earn a badge from him along with a trophy/achievement.

Video Guide

If you need further help in pinpointing the exact locations mentioned above, give Hold To Reset’s The Slums Safe YouTube guide a watch. It shows you a bit more details on each of the above described locations. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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