Things to Do After Beating Stray

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The popular play-as-a-cat adventure game Stray is a fairly short experience if you simply playthrough the main story. You can pretty much complete the story in a few hours without having really explored much of the world. With that said there is a decent bit of content to explore if you didn’t already. Below I point you towards things to do after beating Stray.

Find All Collectibles in the Game

Image showing rubbing against the Guardian in Stray.
Robot rubs are one type of ‘collectible.’

On surface Stray appears to be a very simple narrative game and for the most part it is. With that said there are reasons to explore many of the different locations in the game. Stray features a number of different collectibles for players to find. If you didn’t find them all during your first playthrough it makes sense to go looking for them once you’ve beaten the game. The collectibles to find are:

All of the collectibles listed above have a trophy/achievement tied to their completion. Some also have additional rewards for players. These rewards include a new backpack for Stray to wear and some jamming tunes you can listen to by Morusque (video).

Complete a Speed Run of the Game

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There is an achievement/trophy in the game that tasks you with going fast.

Chances are high that you bumbled your way through your first playthrough of the game as you learned where to go to to complete the main story. Once you know the quest progression and where to go the game shortens up a ton. Developers were well aware of this and made a trophy/achievement around beating the game as fast as possible. To unlock the I am Speed trophy/achievement (video) you need to beat the game in under 2 hours.

Take a 1 Hour Cat Nap

Along the same lines of the previous entry, this one is another somewhat odd trophy/achievement to complete. There is a trophy/achievement to complete called Productive Day. This trophy/achievement tasks you with sleeping for a total of 1 hour in-game. If you didn’t notice during your playthrough there are a ton of places for you to sleep in the game. Find one you like that let Stray sleep for an hour.

Achievement Clean-Up for 100%

Image showing stray can't cat-ch me trophy/achievement.
Can’t Cat-ch Me is one of the harder trophies/achievements.

The last major thing to do is clean-up any odd or loose trophies/achievements you may have left. Many of the trophies/achievements left over at the end of the game are a bit odd. Things like meowing 500 times, dying 9 times, or completing certain sections of chapters were probably not on your mind during your first playthrough.

Since you can replay chapters whenever you’d like, doing trophy/achievement cleanup at the end of the game is fairly easy to do. Just keep in mind that you will need to know which trophy/achievement is unlocked in which chapter.

Wait for More Stray Content (Either DLC or Stray 2)

If you reached 100% completion in the game, congrats! There is nothing left for you to do but wait for new content. While nothing has been explicitly said by the developers regarding DLC or a sequel, the game’s ending is ambiguous enough to leave the possibility open. Also Stray has been a commercial success for B-12 and AnnaPurna Interactive, so I would think there will be more content to come.

This post is part of our larger Stray complete walkthrough. Check out the hub page to find all available guides for this game’s main story, side quests, and collectibles.

These are all of my suggestions of things to do after beating Stray. Let me know what you are doing once you’ve beaten it in the comments below.



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