Stray Notebooks Locations in The Slums Part 1 Guide

To complete the main story objective on Stray Chapter 4: The Slums – Part 1 you need to find three notebooks for Momo. These notebooks are hidden in the upper section of the The Slums. Some are easy to acquire while others are more complicated. To help you find them all use our Stray notebooks locations in The Slums Part 1 guide below.

Momo’s Notebook Location

Image showing the Stray Chapter 4 quest item called the Momo's Notebook.
Momo’s Notebook quest item.

The first notebook is the easiest to acquire as it sets this entire quest in motion. This notebook is from Momo. Show the Guardian the Postcard item when you first meet and he will point you towards Momo’s flat. Climb up the building and go to his flat. Jump through the window and you will trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene show Momo the Postcard to receive Momo’s Notebook [1/4].

Once you grab this notebook B-12 will speak to you. he mentions that you need to find three other notebooks in The Slums to advance the story. These notebooks are located in Zbaltazar’s Flat, Clementine’s Flat, and Doc’s Flat. Head to the balcony you enter Momo’s and you will trigger a cutscene which points you in the directions of the three flats.

Zbalatazar’s Notebook Location

From the balcony head down and go to the left in the upper Slums area. There is an Outsider’s Logo on the building there. Go to the roof of this building. Here you will find ventilation unit. There is a note on it that says how to power it down. All you need to do is pull out the battery pack. Once you’ve done this walk over to the fan and drop down into the flat below.

Inside the flat you will need to search for the notebook. Thankfully it is fairly easy to find. Near the entrance door you will see a stack of boxes under some pictures. Jump on top of the boxes and then jump off of them to knock them over. Zbaltazar’s Notebook [2/4] will fall out. Grab it to collect it.

To leave the apartment you need to go through the window covered by the blue drapes. Go over to this window and scratch it so the drape come off. Jump through the window to reach The Slums again.

Clementine’s Notebook Location

The notebook is next to the computer.

Clementine’s Notebook is the easiest of the three for players to find. Her flat is on the other-side of the slums directly opposite where Momo’s Flat is located. Walk across the pipe to enter her apartment. Inside the apartment walk forward and go through the double doors. Walk down the hallway to find a computer. On a stack of books to the left of the computer is Clementine’s Notebook [3/4].

Doc’s Notebook Location

Doc’s Notebook can be found inside of his aflat in the right corner of the upper slums (when facing away from Momo’s flat). Go into this apartment and you will find a bunch of books. Head to the back right corner and you will find a living area. Make your way past the books and interact with the note on the bed to get the Keys for the safe.

Leave the living area and turn left immediately. Take your first right and you will see some books piled on the floor in front of a bookshelf between L and M. Jump onto these books so you knock them over. This will reveal the safe. Use the key in the safe to get Doc’s Notebook [4/4].

Once you have all of the notebooks listed above go back to Momo. Show him each of the notebooks and he will agree to help you. This starts the next chapter in the game called Rooftops which tasks you with reaching the roof of a nearby skyscraper to place a transceiver.

Video Guide

If you need further help in pinpointing the exact locations mentioned above, give Hold To Reset’s Notebooks YouTube guide a watch. It shows you a bit more details on each of the above described collectible locations. Give us a like/subscribe if you found it useful.

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