Stray Level Collectibles List

In Stray there are a number of collectibles for players to find. These collectibles are split into various types, but only the B-12 Memories are shown on your Select Chapter screen. To help you keep track of all the available collectibles see our Stray Levels Collectibles list below.

Every Collectible in Every Chapter of Stray

Image showing the Select Chapter screen in Stray showing memories collected.
You can view memory progress on the Select Chapter screen.

Stray is split up into chapters. There are a total of 12 Chapters for players to complete in the game. Scattered throughout many of the chapters is a variety of different types of collectibles to find/acquire: Badges, Sheet Music, and B-12 Memories. To keep narrow down the chapters you need to look in see our list below.

Chapter 1: Inside The Wall Collectibles

  1. Scratch Spot: Tree.

Chapter 2: Dead City Collectibles

  1. Scratch Spot: Rug after dropping paint can.

Chapter 3: The Flat Collectibles

  1. Scratch Spot: Rug.
  2. B-12 Major Memory: 1.

Chapter 4 or 6: The Slums Part 1 or Part 2 Collectibles

  1. Scratch: Rug in elevator; Rug in Momo’s Flat (Chapter 6).
  2. B-12 Memories: 7.
  3. Music Badge: Collect all 8x Sheet Music and deliver to Morusque.

Chapter 5: Rooftops Collectibles

  1. Scratch: Rug.
  2. B-12 Major Memories: 1.
  3. B-12 Memories: 2.

Chapter 7: Dead End Collectibles

  1. Scratch: Wall in Doc’s house.
  2. B-12 Memories: 3.
  3. Outsider Badge: Given by Seamus at chapter start.

Chapter 8: The Sewers Collectibles

  1. Scratch: Rug after opening large door with two consoles.
  2. B-12 Memories: 2.

Chapter 9: Antvillage Collectibles

  1. Scratch: Orange painted board.
  2. B-12 Major Memory: 1.
  3. B-12 Major Memories: 1.
  4. Badge: Plant Badge. Collect all plants for NPC.

Chapter 10: Midtown Collectibles

  1. Scratch: Rug behind elevator.
  2. B-12 Memories: 7.
  3. Cat Badge: Open safe in store with angry customer.
  4. Neco Badge: Find the worker’s missing key in the Factory.
  5. Police Badge: On dead robot in Prison Cell.

Chapter 11: Jail Collectibles

  1. Scratch: Keys in car door at end of level.
  2. B-12 Memories: 1.

Chapter 12: Control Room Collectibles

  1. Scratch: Power box to enter Control Room.
  2. B-12 Major Memory: 1.

If you find and collect everything listed above you will unlock the majority of the collectible based achievements. You will also unlock a specific cosmetic item if you gather all of the B-12 Memories.

This post is part of our larger Stray guide and walkthrough. Check out the hub page to find all available guides for this game’s main story, side quests, and collectibles.

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