Pet Simulator 99 Deeper Backrooms Event Details

The door leading to the Deeper Backrooms in Pet Simulator 99.

It’s a new Saturday so that means its time for a new Pet Simulator 99 update. Today’s update adds further content to the Backrooms event. This content is called Deeper Backrooms and it contains new backrooms to explore, new eggs to hatch, new pets to get, and even a special new boss fight to complete. To learn more about this event see our Pet Simulator 99 Deeper Backrooms event guide below.

Where is the Entrance to the Deeper Backrooms?

Update 11 for Pet Simulator 99 added the Deeper Backrooms. To access these new rooms, players must first visit the Backrooms, which can be reached through the special building in the Spawn areas of World 1 and 2.

Once in the Backrooms, you’ll notice a door in the entrance area with an arrow that says “go deeper.” Approach and interact with this door. Pay the required Backroom Coins fee to open it. Then, proceed through the open door to enter the Deeper Backrooms.

What to Do in During the Deeper Backrooms Event

The Deeper Backrooms work almost exactly the same as the Backrooms. In the Deeper Backrooms players should explore the various hallways and 70+ new rooms to find rewards, eggs to hatch, and a couple new additions added specifically in this update.

One of the new additions is a boss that players can find and fight. This boss fight is a random spawn that is a challenging activity which requires either friends or an OP team to defeat. If the player manages to defeat it, it has a chance of dropping the Huge Night Terror Cat!

Another new addition is the adding of a new key for the Deeper Backrooms. This new key is required to open locked doors in this area. I address getting the key and what to do with it in the next section.

Deeper Backroom Keys and Locked Doors

The Deeper Backrooms Key and locked door.
To open locked doors you need Deep Backrooms Keys.

You can get Deep Backrooms Keys a couple of ways. The first is claiming them from the Backrooms Pack. The second is breaking breakables in the Deeper Backrooms.

This non-tradable special item can be used in the Deeper Backroom to unlock any locked doors you discover. Open these locked doors can lead to very good rewards such as:

  • Rare high Huge chance eggs
  • Diamonds
  • Other rewards

Opening locked doors is a good way of getting various rewards while exploring the map. The only issues is that locked doors are rare to find and are scattered randomly all around the map.

Deeper Backroom Eggs Chances & Content

As you explore the Deeper Backrooms you will encounter different Backroom Eggs you can open. These eggs will have different Huge Hatch chances including: 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x 15x, 25x, 50x, 75x, and the super rare 100x.

Opening any of these eggs costs Backroom Coins and gives you the chance to receive the following Pets:

  • Previous Backroom Pets
  • Plague Cow
  • Corrupt Cat
  • Evil Gorilla
  • Ender Bunny
  • Night Terror Dog
  • Puurple Cat
  • Huge Night Terror Cat

These pets can either be hatched by you or bought/traded for from other players. They are limited time pets for the event. Meaning if you want any of them you may want to try and get them now so you have them.

Thoughts on our Pet Simulator 99 Deeper Backrooms Event details guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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