Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms Event Details

Backrooms Event art from Pet Simulator 99.

During the Backrooms Update, Pet Simulator 99 introduced the limited-time Backrooms Event. Throughout the duration of this event, players have the opportunity to explore a unique Backrooms map, where they’ll encounter a plethora of exciting additions including a new currency, new eggs, new puzzles, and new pets. For a comprehensive understanding of this event, delve into our guide dedicated to the Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms Event below.

How to Start the Backrooms Event

Entrance to the Backrooms map in Pet Simulator 99.
Enter this building at Spawn to reach the Backrooms map.

To start the Backrooms Event make your way to the Spawn of World 1 or World 2. In this area, while the event is active, there is a building you can enter. Outside of the building is a large sign saying “Backrooms Event” go through the open door next to it to reach the Backrooms map.

What to Do in During the Backrooms Event

When you enter the Backrooms map you will enter a room that has a tutorial writing on the wall. Basically you want to destroy breakables to earn Backrooms Coins. These coins can be used to buy Backroom Eggs located in various rooms in the Backrooms.

The Backroom Eggs contain special Backroom themed pets that deal more damage to breakables in the Backrooms map, allowing you to earn coins faster. More coins means more eggs you can hatch, which means more chances at getting rare Backroom Pets or the event Huge Pet.

Tutorial aside, things get a bit more complicated as you explore the Backrooms map. Like other Backroom experiences you navigate a maze that features a mixture of hallways and rooms. In the rooms you may encounter Boss Chests, puzzles to solve, locked doors, eggs, or nothing at all.

Puzzles and locked doors are your main targets because they offer the best rewards. Solving puzzle rooms can lead to special rooms with great rewards or better Huge Chances eggs. Locked doors you find also hold similar treasures.

Backroom Keys and Locked Doors

Backroom Key and locked door in Pet Simulator 99.
The Backroom Key allows you to open locked doors you find.

When you break breakables in the Backrooms you have the chance of receiving a Backroom Key. This special item can be used in the Backroom to unlock any locked doors you discover. Open these locked doors can lead to very good rewards such as:

  • Rare high Huge chance eggs
  • Diamonds
  • Other rewards

Opening locked doors is a good way of getting various rewards while exploring the map. The only issues is that locked doors are rare to find and are scattered randomly all around the map.

Backroom Eggs Chances & Content

As you explore the Backrooms you will encounter different Backroom Eggs you can open. These eggs will have different Huge Hatch chances including: 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x 15x, 25x, 50x, 75x, and the super rare 100x.

Opening any of these eggs costs Backroom Coins and gives you the chance to receive the following Pets:

  • Corrupt Octopus
  • Corrupt Skeleton
  • Ender Slime
  • Ender Goat
  • Creepy Yeti
  • Night Terror Cat
  • Ender Hades
  • Creepy Wolf
  • Plague Dragon
  • Huge Plague Dragon

These pets can either be hatched by you or bought/traded for from other players. They are limited time pets for the event. Meaning if you want any of them you may want to try and get them now so you have them.

The following week BIG Games released Update 11. This update added a new area to the Backrooms called Deeper Backrooms. To learn more about this location and the event check out our Deeper Backrooms guide.

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