Poppy Playtime Guide and Walkthrough

Poppy Playtime is a horror exploration title out of MOB Games. This chapter based title features a total different chapters for players to explore and complete. Each chapter contains a special horror experience featuring interesting puzzles to solve and monsters to escape from. To help you complete each of the chapters we’ve put together this Poppy Playtime guide and walkthrough. Check it out below.

NOTE: Guide will be updated with each new chapter release.

Main Chapter Guides

  1. A Tight Squeeze.
  2. Fly in a Web.

Collectibles and Other Guides

  1. VHS Locations.
  2. Security door solution.
  3. 9x Statues in Chapter 2.

Project Playtime Guides

  1. Daily Featured Shop Items.

There is currently only one chapter released in the Poppy Playtime experience. The developers have promised that more will be coming as separate purchases. This guide will update with walkthroughs for each of the new chapters as they are released.

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