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The second chapter in Poppy Playtime is called Fly in a Web. This chapter takes place after the events of Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze. To complete this chapter you need to find three hints that allow you to run the train in the Game Station. To help you complete the second chapter we’ve put together the Poppy Playtime chapter 2 Fly in a Web guide below.

How to Start Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

Image showing how to start Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Starting Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is a bit of a different approach then you would normally expect. While many players expected to be able to continue running the game to access Chapter 2 content, you actually need to launch it independently. This can be done from the screen that appears when you launch the game. You will be prompted to “Select A Chapter” choose Chapter 2.

Where to Go to Start Chapter 2 Content

Image showing the door you need to open to enter the new area of Chapter 2 in Poppy Playtime.

When you load into the game you will watch a cutscene and will then load into Poppy’s case room from the end of Chapter 1. There’s nothing else in this room so turn around and walk back down the hallway until you reach the room with the doll houses. On the right side of this room you will see wardrobe on its side next to a white door. Go up to the door and open it to enter a new area of the factory.

Get the Key to Elliot Ludwig’s Office

Move forward down the hallway until you reach a choice where you can go straight into Elliot Ludwig’s office, right, or left. Go right for now and head down the hallway. You will come to a gap with a pipe over it. Newly added to the game is the ability to grapple and swing. Shoot a hand onto the pipe and swing across the gap to reach the other side.

Continue heading forward down the hallway to reach a room at the end. Turn right in this room to find a door blocked by a number of barrels. Move the barrels out of the way and open the door to access the storage closet. On the far wall in the closet is the key to Elliot Ludwig’s Office. Grab it and head back to the red door we saw earlier.

Enter Elliot Ludwig’s Office and Meet Poppy

Image showing the vent you need to open in the office in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Make your way into Elliot Ludwig’s office. Inside grab the Daisy (1) statue from off the desk. You can also grab the Black VHS Tape (1) and play it in the nearby machine for some lore. Once you’ve done both look behind the desk and you will see a vent cover with handprints on it. Pull the vent cover off and jump into the vent.

Image showing meeting Poppy in the mechanical room behind the office.

Walk through the vent to reach a mechanical room. Inside this room you will encounter Poppy on top she will speak to you then move out of the way to reveal a electrical plug. Attach to the plug then wrap yourself around the two posts. Shoot your other hand to the second outlet to complete the circuit.

Once you’ve completed the circuit go back over to the vent you came from. Look up and you will see a grapple point that you can use. Use it to pull yourself up to the vent. Go through the vent and head out through the office back to the hallway.

Poppy Gets Grabbed

Head right when you are outside of the office. The gate that was powered down is now on. Use both hands to open the gate. Swing across the gap and walk forward through the white door at the end of the hallway. You will enter a large room. Inside this room you will see Poppy standing by a large hole. Walk over towards her and she will get grabbed by a long arm. Jump down the hole after her.

Restore Power to the Game Station

At the bottom of the hole you will be in a new part of the factory. There are three doors here, but two of them are closed. The one we want to go through is marked Power. Inside of the power room you need to solve a bit of a puzzle. This puzzle is hard to explain so I linked a video showing me completing it. Follow the steps in the video to restore power to the Game Station.

Enter the Game Station

Image showing the Mommy Long Legs enemy in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Once power is on leave the power room and walk down the hallway to the Game Station. Shoot your read hand at the switch above the door to meet Mommy Long Legs. Mommy Long Legs is the central antagonist in Chapter 2. She will challenge you to complete a number of games to earn clues that will allow you to start and use the train in the Game Station. She also takes the Red Hand from you, leaving you with only the Blue Hand to use.

Continue forward after this meeting and use your Blue Hand to pull the lever that opens the door to the Game Station. Enter the Game Station. The Game Station is a large open area that serves as the hub for the chapter. In this room you will find entrances to Musical Memory, Wack-A-Wuggy, and Statues. You will also find a large train, which is our ticket out of the chapter.

Go to Musical Memory

Image showing how to access Musical Memory in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

In the left playground when facing the train you will find the Train (2) statue on top of the yellow slide. After you’ve grabbed that walk forward through the Game Station and get up on the train platform. On this platform you will find three levers. The only one we can pull right now is the far left. Pull this lever and wait a little bit. The opening to Musical Memory will slowly roll open, allowing you to access this area.

Go down into Musical Memory. Follow the linear path forward until you find a hole in the ground. Drop down through this hole and continue forward until you reach a dark room with four buttons in it. This room is called the Molding Room and it is where we will get the Green Hand.

How to Get the Green Hand in Molding Room

In our first encounter with Mommy Long Legs she took our Red Hand from us. This leaves us with only the Blue Hand. Thankfully in the Molding Room we can make a new Green Hand. The video above shows the steps needed to follow to get this new hand. They are as follows:

1. Turn on power by pulling lever.

2. Push far right red button (droplet icon).

3. Fix broken pipe.

4. Push next red button.

5. Push next red button.

6. Go upstairs and grab the green paint. Load it into machine.

7. Go back downstairs. Push same red button again.

8. Push the final red button.

9. Grab Green Hand from off of the conveyor belt.

Once you’ve acquired the Green Hand you will now have the ability to store electrical charges for a short period of time in it. This allows us to grab the charge from the port, then use it to open the door on the conveyor belt.

Before you do that you may want to ensure you’ve snagged the collectibles in this area. The Green VHS Tape (2) is sitting next to the first red button we pressed. The Green Hand (3) statue is on top of the large square hand machine.

Once you’ve grabbed both collectibles charge the Green Hand off of the port and use it on the conveyor belt door. Go through the door and follow the path through the broken wall. Walk forward until you reach the Musical Memory room.

Complete the Musical Memory Mini-Game

Musical Memory is a mini-game you need to complete. This mini-game is similar to Simon Says. Basically you are told button sequences you must push. These sequences include colors, shapes, and letters. As you take part in the mini-game Bunzo Bunny lowers from the ceiling. If you fail the mini-game to many times you will be killed.

One thing to keep in mind while you are taking part in the game is that more buttons will appear on the platform. As you go be sure to look around so you don’t miss a button you may need to press. The final sequence sees a bunch of buttons appear. There will be a moving emergency stop button you need to press to end the game. A full run can be seen in the video above.

After you complete the game Mommy Long Legs will hand you the Train Clue 1: Playtime Co Train Access Instructions clue. This clue shows the sequence of the characters you need to put into the console of the train.

Return to the Game Station

Image showing the vent you go through to leave the Musical Memory room in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Once you have the clue a platform will appear allowing you to crossover to the door. As you are doing this the platform falls. You fall to the ground and must find your way back to the Game Station hub area. To do this simply open the vent shown in the picture above. Go through the vent and you arrive in a new room. This new room is a stock room full of toys and a puzzle you must solve.

Too Much Weight on the Scale

Image showing how to solve the too much weight on the scale puzzle in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

In the stock room make your way to the far side of the room. Here you will find a scale that has a large toy on it. The scale won’t move up until you move this toy off of it. To do that you need to move the crane on the ceiling of the room. Use the nearby lever to power it up. Pull the crane along the tracks in the ceiling (use crane on the Bunzo (4) statue in Aisle C5 if you want it) until you place it over the toy on the scale.

Once it is in position charge the Green Hand and use it on the crane to lower it. Move the toy off the scale then stand on it and push the red button to be raised up by the scale to the ledge above. Note before leaving you can grab the Cyan VHS Tape (3) from the ladder leaning in Aisle C1.

Raising Platform Power Puzzle

Walk down the hallway until you reach a power puzzle. At this point hook into the outlet and walk around the first pole. Stand on the platform that raises up and step off it at the top. Unhook from the outlet. Crouch and then re-hook on. Wrap around the pole on the ledge with you. Step off the ledge back down. Wrap around the pole that raises the platform then hook into the second outlet to complete the circuit. Stand on the ledge that raises and push the red button to go up.

Follow the path forward until you go up some stairs. At the top of the stairs the door is blocked with a chair. Move the chair out of the way to open it. Head back up to the Game Station hub area.

Go to Wack-A-Wuggy and Complete its Mini-Game

Go back to the platform where we pulled the lever to open the door to Musical Memory. Pull the middle lever that is now active. This opens the door to the Wach-A-Woogy area. The first part of this area immediately puts you into a mini-game called Wack-A-Wuggy.

The Wack-A-Wuggy mini-game is fairly simple. It follows the same concept as the wack-a-mole carnival game. There are pipes in the walls that Huggy Wuggy’s will crawl out of. You need to hit them with your hands before they get you. Once you complete this challenge Mommy Long Legs will give you Train Code 2: Color Sequence. If you are having trouble with this mini-game try turning up the brightness and DPI of your mouse to make things easier.

After you grab the code from Mommy Long Legs the vent she hands it through opens. Go through this vent into the background area. Walk forward until you reach a room with a broken stairway in it. Climb up the stairs then look up. There is a pole you can hook onto on the ceiling. Do this and grapple up to the top. You can make your way down the broken stairs to reach the Kissy Missy (5) statue.

Complete Cart Corridors

Image showing the Cart Corridors location in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Walk forward until you reach some tracks. Follow the tracks and turn left to reach a gate. Stand at the gate until Kissy Missy appears. This toy will open the gate for you and then will disappear. Continue heading forward.

The next sequence is fairly simple. All you are doing is moving a cart along the track. To do this simply use your Green Hand to charge the different ports so you can move further down the hallways along the tracks. As you progress you will encounter levers to pull. These open gates along the track. Keep pulling levers, opening gates, and moving the cart. About halfway you will encounter the Blue VHS Tape (4) out in the open.

Bring the cart to the end of the track and push it down to make a path through the boards. Walk down the tracks and turn right at the bottom. Go through the door and drop down through the hole in the floor there. Head back to the Game Station hub.

Go to Statues

Go back to the platform we pulled the previous two levers on and pull the final lever. This lever makes a handle appear on the door to the location named Statues. Use both hands to pull the handle on the door to the right. This will open the door, revealing stairs. Go down the stairs in to the Statues named area.

Power Puzzle

To advance you need to solve a power puzzle. Head into the room at the end of the hall. Inside this room grapple up to the ledge on the left side. Hook in with you Blue Hand then drop down. Walk around the poles then grab a charge with the Green Hand. Use the Green Hand to switch the active grapple point to the right by shooting the switch on the wall. Grapple up and hook in to complete the circuit. Go back out to the hallway and enter the now open door there.

Stop and Go

The next room houses a mini-game like stop and go. This mini-game tasks you with making your way across the room while the lights are dark. If you move when the lights are on you will get eaten. As you go through the room about mid-way there is a slide selection. Go through the Hard Slide to get the PJ-Pugapillar (6). At the end of the course hook up to the window to smash through it into the control.

In the control room there is a hole in the floor. Drop down through this hole. Walk forward and swing across the gap to the other side. Continue forward on the other side and look up at the end of the hallway. Grapple to the floor above. Walk forward through the next section and grapple up again. Walk forward again and look for a vent on your left. Crawl inside the vent and go through it. Go forward and grapple up again. Follow the path forward up the stairs to reach the Water Treatment plant.

Water Treatment Part 1 (Room C2)

Image showing the path leading to C2 in the Water Treatment room of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Walk forward to the platform and use the rotate bottom 90 degrees button to turn the platform. Do this 3x times so it makes a path leading to the room on the left. Go down and face forward on the red platform to grab the Green Tape (5) on the ledge by the Game Station doors (watch the video if you want). Continue forward into the room called C2.

Room C2: Get a Bunzo Bunny

Image showing the Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 C2 room.

In room C2 of the Water Treatment center there is an elevator you can rid. This elevator is controlled by two levers: one going up and one going down. To complete this room you need to make the Bunzo Bunny toy reach the top of the room so you can get one. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Push first red button so conveyor goes to the left.
  2. Use lever to go up stop about halfway.
  3. Push blue button so conveyor goes left.
  4. Push yellow button so conveyor goes left.
  5. Use lever to go up to the top.
  6. Push first red button so conveyor goes left.
  7. Push second red button when Bunzo Bunny is on the last conveyor belt so it comes to you.

Once you have the Bunzo Bunny raise the elevator up as high as it can go. Look for a conveyor belt with the Barry (7) statue on it. Grab it then head back to the bottom of the room. Return to the Water Treatment controls.

Water Treatment Part 2 (Room C4)

Image showing the path leading to Room C4 in the water treament room in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Back at the controls you need to turn the platforms so you can gain access to the other side of the Water Treatment plant where Room C4 is. To do this do the following: rotate top 90 degrees, then rotate bottom 90 degrees x2, then rotate top 90 degrees x2. It should look like the screenshot above with how the platforms are set. Once this is done head down and go along the path leading to C4. Place the Bunzo Bunny into the Toy Scanner to gain entrance to room C4.

Room C4: Power Puzzle

Enter room C4 and walk forward until you reach a dead end. Enter the vent in the wall on your left. Ignore the first right and continue following the vent until you emerge in a room that has the hole in the center of it. Swing across the hole to the other side where a power puzzle awaits.

Image showing room C4 in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Your first step is to connect to the electrical outlet. Wrap around the two poles then look at the Green Hand outlet. Release the hand and the guard will drop allowing you to plugin the Green Hand. Grab the Pink VHS Tape (6) from inside then charge the Green Hand then swing back across the gap. Trigger the green outlet then run through the open door into the next room. Run back through the other door that opens so you can get back to the room with the poles. Wrap around them, look through the open door and finish the circuit. This video shows the entire sequence.

Once the circuit is completed you will need to go back through the vent. When you try to go to the door you opened you will fall down into the room below. In this room walk forward towards the end of the hallway with the hole in its roof. As you near, Mommy Long Legs will come down the hole. Turn and run away or else she will attack you.

Mommy Long Legs Chase #1

Run through the door behind you when it opens. Go down the stairs and follow the linear path forward. Don’t worry too much as Mommy Long Legs doesn’t really ‘chase’ you here. If you get stuck in the linear path look for holes in the walls and a red conveyor belt you need to turn on using a red handle. While you ride the conveyor belt watch for Mommy Long Legs (8) statue across the gap at the end. Drop down the hole to advance.


You are now in a super dark basement. In this basement there is a large door we need to open. Before we can do that turn and head in the opposite direction. Go down the hallway and go through both brown doors in your way. You will arrive in Bay 2.

Bay 2 Puzzle

Image showing Bay 2 in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

In Bay 2 there are four colored switches: two on each wall. To open the gate you need to pull the switches in their proper order. To learn the proper order walk to the middle of the room. Look up for a hole in the ceiling. Grapple up this hole (remember it for later). While up the hole look at the four batter packs. They are numbered for each color. The order is:

  1. Red.
  2. Blue.
  3. Green.
  4. Yellow.

This is the order to pull the levers. Pull the levers now then head down the hallway. Mommy Long Legs will appear. Run back to Bay 2 and go up into the hole in the ceiling. Wait there until she passes. When she leaves go back to the hallway she chased you out of and continue forward until you reach the next room that has a large furnace in it.

Missing Cog and Furnace Room

Inside this room you need to make a new cog so you can open up the door. To do this grab the mold off the shelf. Go up the stairs and place the mold inside of the furnace. Go back down stairs and charge your Green Hand. Start the furnace. Open the doors and grab the cog when it has been forged. Place the cog into the door mechanism and pull the lever to open the door.

Walk forward through the doors onto the walkway. As you walk Mommy Long Legs will appear. Run back to the forge. Charge your Green Hand and use it to ignite the forge will running inside of it. This will cause the flames to shoot up, protecting you from Mommy Long Legs. Once she is go walk across the walkway until you see a lever on your left. Pull it and Mommy Long Legs will appear again, triggering the final chase.

Mommy Long Legs Chase #2

The final chase is much more involves than the previous one we did. This chase actually has Mommy Long Legs following you, much like Huggy Wuggy. Follow the route in the video above to make it to the end. When you do reach the end pull the lever next to the machine to turn it on. This pulls in Mommy Long Legs, killing her. Once Mommy Long legs is dead you are safe.

Getting the Final Train Code

Image showing Poppy inside the Train Control room in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Follow the linear path forward from the shredder room and you will eventually appear over top of the Game Station. Go inside the building there and speak to Poppy. She will give you the Train Code 3: Order Sequence. If you want the final statue collectible look across from the building into the rafters. You will find Claw (9) statue there.

Start the Train and Beat the Chapter

Image showing the train in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Now all that’s left to do is start the train. To do this make your way along the rafters to the left of the building. Go down the slide to reach the platform where the train is. Use the Green Hand to open the train door. Use the clues to start the train.

Once you’ve inputted everything listed above you are able to move the train. To do this pull the train accelerator in the upper right hand side of windshield. The train will start moving and Poppy will speak to you. Near the end of the ride you will be prompted to pull the breaks, if you don’t you will continue to ride infinitely. Pull the brakes using your hands to trigger a cutscene and the game’s end credits.

Thoughts on our Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Fly in a Web guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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