Poppy Playtime VHS Locations Guide

In Poppy Playtime there are special collectibles players can find called VHS tapes. This old form of media is used to tell the tale of the Playtime company and to teach valuable gameplay mechanics. Finding these collectibles is complete optional, but for anyone that wants to get them all this guide will help. Below I show you all the Poppy Playtime VHS locations.

NOTE: Only Chapter 1 is currently available. Tape locations below are in the order you encounter them.

Green Tape Location (Chapter 1)

Image showing the Green Tape location in Poppy Playtime.
Green Tape in Reception area.

After you watch the opening video about Poppy Playtime you will take control of your character. Once you have control walk forward to the front desk and grab the Green Tape from off of the desk using the interact button. Take the tape over to the tv and Green VCR to the right of the desk. Put the tape into the VCR and watch the video.

Blue Tape Location (Chapter 1)

Image showing the Blue Tape and Blue hand locations in Poppy Playtime.
Blue Tape in Security Office.

Complete the Security door puzzle and head inside. Head over to the desk to find the Blue Tape sitting there. Put it in the nearby Blue VCR. Watch the video on the tape. The tape introduces you to using the hands we will get meaning it cannot be skipped or missed.

Yellow Tape Location (Chapter 1)

If you are interested in snagging all the VHS tapes there is one in the factory room where you get the Red hand. The Yellow Tape is located on the second leaning shelf closest to the door. Walk behind the first shelf to snag it. The VCR to play it on is next to the stairs leading to the catwalk you pass when going up to the control panel.

Pink Tape Location (Chapter 1)

Image showing the location of the Pink tape in Poppy Playland.
Pink tape location.

The Pink Tape is located in the Make A Friend room. Make your way upstairs to the catwalk. After you pull the catwalk to close the gape look to the right on the wall you will see the Pink Tape on the blue painted square. Grab the tape if you wish and use the Pink VCR to watch it.

Gray Tape Location (Chapter 1)

Image showing the Gray Tape location in Poppy Playland.
Gray Tape on catwalk.

You can grab the Gray Tape after you’ve completed the chase sequence with Huggy Wuggy. The tape is sitting on the main path on the catwalk leading to the Flower door. It is in the middle of the final T intersection. If you wish to collect it pick it up and take a right. Take it and place it in the Gray VCR at the end of the catwalk.

These are all the VHS tapes currently collectible in Poppy Playland. As more chapters are added I will update this guide accordingly. For now the four listed above are all you can find.

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