Project Playtime Store Items For Sale Today

The PvP game, Project Playtime, set in the Poppy Playtime universe, is now available for players to play for free on PC. This game features multiplayer action and a bunch of cosmetic items to purchase to change the look of the characters you play. To keep track of the shop here’s our daily updated what’s for sale in the Project Playtime store today page.

How to Access the Project Playtime Store

Project Playtime store main menu tab.
Store Tab on Main Menu.

In Project Playtime there is an in-game store players can access to purchase various cosmetic items. To access the in-game shop simply select the Store button on the Main Menu. This takes you to the store page.

On the store page you are able to purchase a variety of items. These items include special Skins, Hands, and Grabpack customizations. To purchase items from the store you have to use the game’s currency called Playcoins. Playcoins are purchased using real money or earned through playing the game.

What are the Project Playtime Featured Items for Sale Today (May 30-31)

Project Playtime Store Items May 30-31.
Project Playtime Featured items today.

One thing to note is that the game is in Early Access and not all of the shop sections are currently available. At the time of writing there is only Featured Items available for purchase (and sometimes Special Event items). These items refresh everyday at 5 pm MST. The items currently available are as follows:

ItemCost (in Playcoins)
Gauntlet Hand (Hand)750
Swimsuit Girl Outfit (Outfit)220
Blue Mommy (Mommy Skin)400
Googly Eyes (Mask)150
Ruby Hand (Hand)310

This page will update each day with the new items for sale in the Project Playtime store. Be sure to check back regularly to see what you can buy and what each item costs to purchase. Additionally I will be adding more sections to the page as the game exits Early Access and more items are available to buy.

Did you buy anything from the Project Playtime store today? Let me know in the comments below.


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