How to Get to Kisiwa in Temtem

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The first major addition to Temtem is upon us thanks to the 0.6.0 update. In this new addition a new island has been added called Kisiwa. This island features new Temtem, new quests, new items, and even new characters to meet. If you are wondering how to get to the new island use our how to get to Kisiwa guide below.

Rockhop to Kisiwa

Map of the entrance to Kisiwa from Tucma.

Before you can do anything you need to have advanced the story far enough so you have completed the main storyline up to the end of Tucma. The final main quest objective for this island is to Rockhop all the way to Kisiwal. This can be done by completing the rock hopping section heading to the southwest corner of the Tucma island. Once you’ve completed this section there is a building you can enter called Windward Kisiwa.

Image showing the Kisiwan representative you need to speak to to reach Kisiwa.

Inside this building speak to the Kisiwan Representative in the bottom right corner. This representative will warn you about venturing further. Obviosly we have to go so heed the warning but continue through the south exit regardless. This will start the new Kisiwa quest line called The Battle of Kisiwa.

That’s all you need to know to get to Kisiwa. Once on this new island you are free to explore to your heart content. Not all content is in the island yet, but there are plenty more updates planned.

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