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On the Kisiwa island in Temtem you will receive a number of side quests from new characters. One of the first side quests you can receive is called For Science. In this side quests you must . To help you complete this side quest use our For Science guide below. In this guide you will learn where to start the side quests and the objectives needed to complete it.

Where to Meet Akihiro to Start For Science

Image showing where to start the the For Science Side Quest in Temtem.

Make your way to the Kupeleleza building that serves a a crossroad between Tucma and Kisiwa. Inside this building on the west wall beside the vendor is an NPC named Akihiro sitting on a bench. Speak to this NPC and offer to help him. His first objective for you is to find his assistant Zamzaditta who is somewhere in Kisiwa. Time to go looking for them.

Where to Find Zamzaditta in Vumbi

Image showing Where to Find Zamzaditta.

Leave the Kupeleleza building via the south exit and complete the rock hopping sequence across the Mawingu Islets until you reach Vumbi. Walk along the top path until you reach the entrance for the Juu Tunnel. Go down the slope on your left then hang a right at the bottom. Go up into the little alcove to reach Zamzaditta. Talk to Zamzaditta to tirgger the next quest step which is to bring a Gyalis Egg.

How to Get a Gyalis Egg

To get the Gyalis Egg for Zamzaditta you need to breed Gyalis at the Temtem Breeding Center in Omninesia. If you don’t have a Gyalis at your disposal you will need to acquire one from the Mines of Mictlan on Tucma. These Temtem are considered a rare spawn at about 5% so you may need to spend some time in the mines hunting for them. Once you have a Gyalis breed it to get an egg. Take the egg back to Zamzaditta to get the next quest to give a Hidody egg.

How to Get a Hidody Egg

Like the previous objective you will need to acquire a Hidody and breed it to get an egg. Hidody are actually fairly on common on Omninesia so you shouldn’t gave trouble grabbing one. Once you have the Hidody egg return to Zamzaditta yet again and give it to him.

Take Incubator Device to Akihiro

Upon delivery the Hidody Egg to Zamzaditta you will receive the next quest step which is to take the Incubator Device to Akihiro. Give the device to Akihiro and a Stranded businesswoman will approach him. The business woman wants the device and tries to take it by force. Defeat her in battle where she uses the following Temtem:

  • Saipat (Lv.38).
  • Valash (Lv.40).
  • Gazuma (Lv.38).
  • Deendre (Lv.35).

After you defeat this trainer give the machine to Akihiro. For helping him out you will receive 1x Drill. The Drill gear item makes it so when attacking an evading target the evading status condition is removed. This technique will not fail. You also receive the egg pouch which you can equip form the Customize > Backpack screen.

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