Where to Evolve Tuwai into Turoc in Temtem

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In Temtem there is a Temtem called Tuwai you can evolve by interacting with places of power in the world. These evolution spots in the world lead to different evolution types and can be good additions to your ream. With the release of the Kisiwa island we have a new place of power we can now access. Check out our complete where to evolve Tuwai into Turoc guide below.

Explore the Chini Grotto

Image showing the entrance you go into to reach the dark area leading to the place of power on Kisiwa.

Note: Before venturing into the Chini Grotto equip an all earth type team to save yourself some time.

Before you can access the paths off the Chini Grotto you must first complete the main story on Kisiwa up to leaving the island. After you’ve done this head back to the Chini Grotto (located south of the desert). In the main hallway go into the only door on the right and make your way to the exit on the right side of the dark area to reach a tamer challenge.

Complete Earth Type Tamer Challenge

Image showing Kamili at the place of power on Kisiwa in Temtem.

This tamer challenge is similar to the one you completed prior to the previous place of power. Like the previous challenge you need to complete a number of tamer fights on the path to the place of power. To complete the fights you need to defeat earth type tamers with an all earth type party. The tamers you fight along the path are the following:

Ayaan Temtem

  • Osukan (Lv.42).
  • Bunbun (Lv.43).
  • Akranox (Lv.43).
  • Grumvel (Lv.41).

Babtunde Temtem

  • Grumper (Lv.43).
  • Drakash (Lv.43).
  • Garyo (Lv.43).
  • Vulor (Lv.44).

Ife Temtem

  • Vulffy (Lv.53).
  • Rhoulder (Lv.53).
  • Zizare (Lv.53).

Kamili Temtem

  • Osukai (Lv.48).
  • Kauren (Lv.48).
  • Mudrid (Lv.48).
  • Drakash (Lv.48).
  • Vulcrane (Lv.48).

When you defeat Kamili you will gain access to the room behind her. In this room you will find the place of power. Here you can approach the altar and interact with it.

Present Tuwai at Place of Power

Image showing Tuwai evolving into Turoc in Temtem.

To trigger the evolution of Tuwai you need to have a Tuwai in your party. When you approach and interact with the altar you will be prompted to present a Temtem. Select Tuwai and an evolution will occur. After the evolution your Tuwai will become Turoc, a wind-earth type.

That’s all you need to know to evolve your Tuwai into Turoc. If you don’t have a Tuwai you can either trade for one, breed one, or catch one in the wild. While rare there are a number of Tuwai floating around that you shouldn’t have a problem getting this evolution for yourself.

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